Warming will come to central Russia after the rains

Warming will come to central Russia after the rainsWarming will come to Moscow and adjacent to it at the beginning of October, when the temperature, after a little rain and cold weather for a few days to rise to 15 degrees, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti director meteorologist Russia Roman Vilfand.
"Starting next week, October 3-4, the night will be up to 5 degrees Celsius during the day — 11.6 degrees. Later, before the end of five days, we expect to raise the temperature to 13-14 degrees, precipitation. This is a really high temperature for the beginning of October, "- said Vilfand.

However, the end of September and early October, according to the chief meteorologist Russia will be in autumn gloomy.

"Before the end of September, the temperature is high enough — 13-15 degrees. Beginning October 1, will begin rainy days, and will be hard to distinguish the temperature between day and night. It will range from 8 to 12 degrees, which is associated with a dense cloud, "- said the official.

"Indian Summer" next week, the head meteorologist due spur Azores anticyclone, whose boundary is surprisingly to the borders of Russia.

"In Paris and in the Balkans are truly warm, 23-25 degrees, but on the border of our country weakens the influence of the anticyclone. Although the temperature in Russia is also fairly decent, above the norm by 2-4 degrees. While the "Indian Summer" still in Western Europe "- said the chief meteorological.

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