Water north of Bangkok began to subside

Floods in Thailand.  © REUTERS / Bazuki MuhammadBANGKOK, Nov. 6 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. Water level, in mid-July zalivshey northern suburbs of Bangkok due to the strong over the last 50 years, flooding began to rapidly decline, transfer to local media.

In bordering Bangkok Ayutthaya province, one of the two provinces most affected by the floods, where the water was about two months at a half to three feet, appeared very dry areas, which are becoming more and more. The footage from the air video shown Sunday nine national television station, shows that out of the water quickly and the neighboring province of Ayutthaya Pathum Thani. Bus service to the province of Ayutthaya and more northern provinces restored. Railway Office of Thailand plans to resume in the coming days the trains north, passing through Ayutthaya.

According to experts of the Centre for flood control, of 16 billion cubic meters of water, "overhanging" from the north of the Thai capital in mid-October, at the present time is not more than 500 million cubic meters. The rest of the water was for the period from 26 October to early November, "bled" from north to south across the river flows through the city and the Chao Phraya Bangprakong system of urban and bypass channels.

However, flood is far from over, according to a leading expert on hydro resources of Thailand, Dr Seri Suprathit whose group daily by measuring the level of water in different areas of Bangkok and its suburbs, and tracks the movement of water masses through the city.

"As long as the threat to the inner city", — the expert said on Sunday in the seventh live national TV in Thailand.

"Water out of Ayutthaya, but in order to drain into the sea south of Bangkok, it is necessary to pass through the city. At the Bangkok flooded area increases every day due to accidents on the gateways, which are no longer withstand the pressure of the water," — said Suprathit.

More than ten of the 50 districts of Bangkok are now under water, the depth of which varies from 20 centimeters to two meters and a half. On most of the shallow flooded area, so that in many places the roads are open to traffic, despite the flood. With nearly 50 streets and roads in the suburbs and the city center is completely closed to any transport.

The flood, which was held in July and October from north to south in 26 of the 77 provinces of Thailand, the country has killed more than 500 people. Disaster Warning Centre of Thailand Ministry of Interior continues to collect statistics of the provinces, so the final figure, which reflects the number of flood victims could be even higher. Most of the 506 victims were killed by mudflows, landslides and flash flooding of settlements in the path of the water, running from the mountains. At least 100 people were killed by electric shocks.

The disaster has caused huge economic losses to Thailand, killing more than a million hectares of rice crops and stopping a lot of factories.

The flooding was caused by unusually heavy seasonal rains, which by volume is three times higher than normal.

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