We are not slaves … contrived and real slavery in the modern Russian Federation

We are not slaves ... The imaginary and real slavery in modern RussiaAccording to the reports of professionals of the United Nations of the yearly turnover of the slave trade in the world is about 32 billion dollars. For all this, the most moderate estimates (data about how these calculations were made, the UN does not publish) in the world as a very real slaves are required to work more than 30 million man.

At the word "slave" in the eyes can stand the slave markets of Africa, the colonies in the West Indies and other similar places, but this is, in fact, remained in the past. According to the reports of the same UN, one of the largest global markets slave is our homeland. On the one hand, such information about the country in which you live, it is very humiliating, and even a thought that the research would be conducted in a biased, but getting acquainted with certain variants of slave labor in Russia, we can conclude that this information is to Unfortunately, not without a real basis.

Be sure to get the exact figure of how many slaves today is on the territory of Russia, it is impossible for an impartial reasons, but numerous media publications and materials obtained a means of communication with the former illegally held in place by people, they say that the slave market in the country has an impressive scale .

With all of this very hard to connect the real slavery and what is called slavery on their own, when one or the other man of their own "slave" status manages to retrieve their catch. It is very difficult in general to look for this face …
One example of the fact that this topic is very controversial, it may serve as a sensational story of Saratov private Andrey Popov which disappeared from the military unit number 14460. The story began with the fact that in 2000 one of the rank and file in the / h, based in the Saratov region, suddenly disappeared. Into the disappearance of a criminal case in which ordinary Popov was incriminated in unauthorized service leaves. Long time family ordinary Popov tried to find at least some traces, but in 2008 the town police Ershov, in which living relatives fighter, said Tipo terrain Dagestan found the body of Andrew, and keep looking for that stupid. With all of this affects the relatives did not try to get the body of Andrei Popov, and just as some of the media reports, "come to terms with what has happened."

But in 2011, Popov suddenly showed up and told the police that for 11 years was a slave on one of the brick factories in Dagestan. After the revelations of this kind have become investigators inspect the information provided by ordinary Popov, but many of the episodes have been difficult to explain to the position that if you take Andrew as a slave who escaped from prison. One of these episodes may be referred to the episode with the presence of a slave mobile phone with access to the Web. Another discrepancy: during a visit to the site of the very brickyard Andrei Popov has not been able to show where he was held as a slave. With all of this around the plant no Stitching wire has not been found, although the Popov claimed that she was. Learned that the check rides and removed? ..

In the end, ordinary Popov suddenly decided to admit that the story of slavery invented them, but in fact it after drinking alcoholic beverages, along with his colleagues in the area of military unit decided to get out beyond it and go "in search of adventure" in Saratov. There Popov, in his own words, he met Dagestani who offered him good money. Together with the Dagestani Popov took a train to Makhachkala. From there, they got together before the 1st of numerous factories producing bricks and breeze blocks, where Andrew and worked for several months. After he was replaced by another 10 factories and two agricultural farms, and on each of the jobs paid a salary, and at any moment could even call relatives and tell about yourself. But do not call … In the end, ordinary Popova want to send healing to a psychiatric hospital, but the doctors did not diagnose abnormalities. The Tribunal concluded verdict of guilty on the basis of the testimony of grateful Popov and sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment in a penal colony.

The story so far is discussion. Some are convinced that Popov was convicted unjustly, grateful that his testimony extorted members of the investigating authorities that all 10 half-ka surveyed managers Dagestan production companies could agree with the investigation and covered each other. Others are convinced that Popov decided to write an ugly story that was in slavery, but all this does not take into account all abilities and conspiracy, as they say, "did you sleep" through a series of confrontations.

It seems that there may be, but the situation with ordinary Popov — is far not the only case when man declares slavery. Edition of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" knows the story of Dmitry Shubin (a man with a modified name). This man, too, was in Dagestan, and also after he met with one of the inhabitants of this country. The difference is that Shubin was not going to be sent to the Caucasus to work. Simply, he was a victim of crime: served him tea in which, Of course, it was blended hypnotic. When Dmitry came to, he was already inside the car, which, as it turned out later, was racing toward Makhachkala, and then — in the direction of the 1st of local factories, brick again. The story ends with the fact that Dmitry was able to escape from the area, which was guarded by dogs and people with weapons. After escaping Shubin called the family and after some time returned home.

Shubin and knows that the family who sheltered him after his escape, recommended not to go to the police station, explaining that the police are here to "feed" income from the same production, and where they brought 39-year-old man.

This information, as well as a huge number of other similar cases tested operatives, but the chance that the owners of the plant itself will be accused of illegal confinement, almost close to zero. Why? Yes, because no direct evidence that the plant is used slave labor to get virtually impossible. Indications Dmitry Shubin and other people who were in the same Dagestan as slaves, can be called "alcoholic delirium", the presence of dogs and armed men — ordinary security measures at the manufacturing plant. And later still derive accounts on which it turns out that all the "slaves" got more than a "slave owners" …

A more complicated situation with the slaves (well, or in some cases with flimsy slaves) in other regions of Russia. Especially in big cities. One of the best parts of the so-called slave market is the sphere of sexy services. The media often have articles (stories) about how in one way or another capital (St. Petersburg, etc.) apartment found a stash of sexy, in which girls are in the status of slaves. Their passports are usually kept at the owner of "bad apartment", placing on a "place" is held, or by the same person or his accomplices. With all of this most of the women caught in the sex appeal of slavery, is a citizen of Moldova, Ukraine or the Central Asian republics. A lot of slaves and women living in the midst of Russian hinterland, who arrived in the big city to study or for a longish pocketbooks.

Go to the damsel could make a complaint: they say, and who have generally made to make contact with strange personalities that promise enormous earnings. But it is necessary to pay attention to their addition to the mental causes. The girls often think
in such a way that, say, nothing wrong with me did not happen, and I am at any moment can "jump off". In other words, there is a fairly large percentage of the same sexy female slaves who took risks accurately consciously. In the end, their hopes were not justified, and tightened the slave life at all. And only then began the transformation of consciousness, which led to the corruption of public awareness of their own role. Consciousness after months of imprisonment and at the click of your fingers read: this is the normal life, why do I change it …

Psychologists they say that this is the effect of fake humility and public norms which (Effect) often does not allow slaves and slave-girls call themselves the slaves themselves, and to testify against those who are in bondage contains. In the end, the market free labor force in our country prospers.

The situation with the slave market in Russia remains very difficult also because it is often in the status of slaves are single people, people homeless, those who have fallen in alcohol or drug addiction, persons with disabilities who are not able to offer any resistance and the state in police. Here obedience itself "master" appears, almost that of animal instincts. People are losing their face so that they are ready to do the will of another person or virtually for a slice of bread, a glass of vodka or dose. Such people are often used as alms collectors, which then leaves as income "master." On this form, the use of slave labor often specialize members of the Roma nationality.

PS The presence of a "special rate" for the poor, the slaves of their real owners of the business to use slaves in Russia, about the specifics of the Gypsy slave market, read the article, reportage, which will soon be posted on our Web site.

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