We are not slaves! We are not slaves!

We are not slaves!  We are not slaves!

In the umpteenth time in a society there is the question thoroughly the teeth on edge: To be or not to be firearms in the hands of ordinary people? Again and again, including in the pages of this website, we return to a serious dispute about this … I'll tell you about yourself. Until nedavneshnego time, I was against guns, but times are changing, and changing world. I will try to win over those who have not yet matured to the idea that the instrument must be resolved.

Traffic accident, which ended the shooting, came in the evening of Friday, November 9, in front of house number 39 on the Lower Mnevniki street in Moscow.

Encountered two vehicles — "Mercedes" and unspecified foreign car. During the proceedings, the driver of "Mercedes" and his brother opened fire from a traumatic gun, reports "Echo of Moscow". In response to these acts driver car, the brand has not been established, shot at them from the firearm.

As a result, the driver of "Mercedes" was wounded chest. The victim was taken to hospital where he died in the intensive care unit.

— It is established that on November 9 at 23.20 in front of house number 39 on the street Lower Mnevniki between 43-year-old Ashot Sargsyan and his 45 year old brother Arthur on one side and the unknown driver of the silver imported cars had a conflict in chen he lay, not precisely determined, but the accident as it turns out was not. Maybe just the driver did not give way "hot highlanders" on the Mercedes.

As later established professionals, brothers Sargsyan released on his own enemy 14 traumatic bullets. In response to an unidentified foreign car driver twice fired a gun battle, presumably Makarov pistol, and one of the bullets hit Ashot Sargsyan in the chest.

— The wounded man was taken to the medical clinic in the state of ruin. Doctors tried to revive him, but failed, — told the source. — Silver foreign car driver fled the scene. Currently measures are taken for its investigation.

The Investigative Committee upon the shooting filed a criminal case under Article 105 of the Criminal Code, "Murder".

Everyone remembers this event? (By the way, "guilty" so far not found …). Conflicting feelings. Imagine: you are Going NIGHT MODE, in his own car, can be with his wife, with a baby … What is "cool" on a Mercedes trying to "push" you off the road. You do not give in to. In response to the "cool" start firing at you with a 2-barrel … Where for you to know that this is travmatika? Yes, even if I am? Can you imagine the psychological state of your spouse, child? His, after all … Of course, it was easier to give in, not to get involved, stand. But the hunt and ask: How long? In general, may not be in the car no ladies and kids, and just had a real man. Made two shots and killed the 1st of the attackers! I think survivor Sargsyan, in subsequent times strongly reflect, before firing at anybody, because of the wounded "Caucasian pride."

I would not want to escalate ethnic strife, and this in the internet so much. But it is not my fault that the fire in the main Caucasians. Shoot, convinced of their impunity. In truth, the court can be bought off, police bribe, hire an expensive lawyer to intimidate victims countless relatives. Only from 1st there is no salvation, from an overdose of lead in the head bad!

In the State Duma amended the law on the police, on which the police have the right to use his official weapon against those who shoot out of hooliganism. On it informs RIA announcements.

The creator of the bill United Russia Alexey Zhuravlev explained that at the moment the penalty for violation of the rules of use of guns, if not constitute a crime or offense, it can only be a seizure. Together with those consequences are unpredictable and chaotic firing can be compared with the acts that contain signs of grave crimes against life and health of unspecified persons. In this regard, the document proposed to allow guards about to use a tool to suppress the fire and apprehend the shooters.

Earlier MPs "United Rosii" brought in the State Duma amendments to the Administrative Code to toughen punishment for shooting in populated Fri include fines of up to 50 thousand rubles, and arrest for 15 days. And provides for the confiscation of guns, and denial of right to acquire it or storage for a period of 5 to 7 years.

For the near future in Moscow came out two shooting incidents at weddings. In both cases, members of the wedding procession from a moving car shot into the air. Later arrows were detained against their prosecuted.

That would not be obvinennym nationalism (God forbid never a nationalist!), I wish to remind all the case with the attack on the Armenian family:

52-year-old entrepreneur with a knife stabbed 3 burglars broke into his home. Gegham Sargsyan and his family fear that the survivor of the bloody executions offender will try to avenge the slain accomplices. The last hunter carefully told how he managed to put a kitchen knife on the spot three armed bandits.

— They rounded up the rest of my family, and then started beating the women — they yelled, so I gave them the money and gold. I gave them everything I had, but they were not appeased! — Recalls the man. — I read them, I have nothing else, but they did not believe. When they put a gun to the head of my 7-month-old grandson, I thought that I will go down with the mind.

But the shot is not sounded. Two bandits grabbed the man and dragged him into another room.


— Other monsters continued to thrash ladies and torture of my kids, still-Gegham. — Malehankih-law and my daughter managed to escape, they rushed up to me and assist escape. I rushed to the kitchen. He grabbed the first comer knife.; One of the criminals went after me, I turned around and hit him in the midsection. When ran second, I hit him in the head. I realized that the most important thing was to knock down that with a gun. "And we'll see," — I thought.

Followed by a blow owner overtook third offender. There was only one. Litsezrev what happened to his partners in crime, the thief rushed to escape. The remaining three men was no longer assist.

— They all died before the ambulance came, — continued the story of an entrepreneur. — One was injured, but quickly bled to death. I do not know how it happened. I was taught to have a weapon in the army. Another assist that I was fond of hunting. But my strength as increased tenfold when I saw that they attacked my kids.


But even at this point Gegham Sargsyan considers that the failure is not yet over.

— More than anything, I fear that the latter may come back when I'm not around — lamenting man.

Operatives managed to learn the names of two of the 3 criminals. It turned out that the raid on the family owner of the company did Bogoroditska addicts.

As it became clear "the Age", set the individual killed two people in the house Sargsyan. They were previously convicted citizen 44-year-old Georgia Archil Kevlishvili and also served a sentence for drug possession 41-year-old Sergei Christmas, they said. Police in the town.< /div>

You see, crime does not have a nationality. And if he had a gun? Not a knife, and the usual gun? By the way, for reference:
U.S. citizens killed CRIMINALS 6 times more than their coffers! This figure is comparable to the number of criminals shot dead by police.
In Israel, half of all terrorist attacks suppressed by armed citizens caught up close. Penetrate — HALF!

And now my world, which, as I have read, changed structurally:

1. Prohibit any travmatik! Very irresponsible people come to use it.
2. BAN pneumatics! By the same reason.
3. ENABLE short-barreled firearm gun to carry.
4. ENABLE long-barreled firearm gun for storage.

Naturally, tighten the selection of people who get the right to implement. And most importantly, before the gun permit, you need to radically revise the law on self-defense! Vorachivayas to the top of the article, I can not agree with the offending article to shoot from a service pistol. What is it murder? Even exceeding the required measures of defense does not smell! He shot back, after 14 rounds! And if there was a wife and child? At night, on a deserted street … It seems that you have done? Would guess from their traumatic or not? I think the most that can be presented, it's illegal possession and carrying of weapons.

And the last. As you know, "The slaves differ from free people that do not have the right to wear the gun." I would like to ask something neuzh Moldovans, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians are much more responsible and intelligent Russian? They were allowed to have tool, and the country is not recessed into the bloody orgy.

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