We are told specifically what our homeland — the gathering of defects, and the West — full of freedoms and standards. So goes the destruction of

Now a day majestically Victory — Victory in the war that our nation until the end and not recognizing and not understood. And to this day do not really described. In the shadow remained and the forces that were behind the campaign organization of continental Europe, led by Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union. That majestic and terrible era of people stood at the head of Joseph Stalin, which as no one else understood the intricacies of global geopolitics and could impede the implementation of plans to conquer the forces of shadow world domination.

On the role of Stalin in Russia's twentieth-century modern Russian writer and historian Nikolai Starikov subsequent writes:

"Stalin was rescued by Russia. Fold down the ideology aside. Just go and tell the truth, this man was rescued by an ordinary country. He rescued her twice — first from the "Leninist guard" led by a protege of banker-owners of the Federal Reserve System Trotsky. Later on another protege of the same bankers — Adolf Hitler. Stalin defeated Trotsky and the entire revolutionary camarilla by a complex web of intrigue infighting. Stalin Hitler defeated by effort of will, in the most horrible situations, the blood and the flesh of millions of their own fighter. But — won. And our motherland — the Soviet Union survived and grew. 1st Stalin could not do — make the succession.

And pygmy Khrushchev destroyed the entire backlog, drenched in the blood Russian fighter. Quarreled with China, which for us was at war with the Yankees in Korea. Quarreled with Albania, which gave the Russian Navy base in the Adriatic. But the worst thing that made the bald man — he made the rust in the souls of men. He knocked down the foundation of our country. After telling a terrible distortion and exaggeration difficult time of Stalin, not knowing the circumstances and making mockery of his own state. Tell the current Yankees all what you've done their country. Since the genocide of the Redskins and ending 9/11. Revealed that the drugs in Afghanistan roof of their army, so that the young people in Iran and the Russian Federation were killed, without giving offspring.

Tell the — they do not believe it for you. But after a year of constant repetition still believe it. And the "rust". The foundation of their country — freedom, rectitude, honesty, law. All this crackling, and coupled with it zatreschat and the United States itself.

But they did not say. Abominations tell us. Only to us. And our young people to wonder what exactly our homeland — the gathering of defects, and the West — full of freedoms and standards. So goes the destruction. Through the soul, through the heart and the head.

Heresy to front. If someone utters that Joseph Stalin was only playing with the children, and for my life flies are not offended, I'll call it a lie. The same heresy incriminate him that he never did.

"If you read our ordinary words, that Stalin — the son of a bitch, which sold all that was possible for himself, for his own power … ".

It says Vladimir Lukin. Who is he? Our main human rights activist. Midfielder poluprav.

The words "linebackers" always right no facts, just emotions. Well, those are mostly bogus. "Someone has been awarded the Order of Lenin and the same night he planted." Who? In what situation was it? State the facts. There are no facts, as they destroy heresy.

The words "Stalin" and "sold" can not stand side by side. This man had no inclination to money and wealth. He wore a jacket, sleeping on a regular bed. In gold itself did not bathe the children and did not give. Was an example to the people. And people take this example. And when started badly war, Stalin sacrificed his offspring, not exchanging it for Field Marshal Paulus. He could not, had no right. Not because they do not own adored son. Was a cult, but there was also a person.

I understand why all of these songs are sung about the bloody maniac who "for the sake of pleasure killed millions of people." We lost the "cold war." The Germans lost the 'hot' and their chancellors apologize at every step, and should be on prazdnichkom military defeat of their own country. Smile at all this.

We lost the "cold war." We must condemn and water mucky who helped Russia twice. Helped out at a terrible price, but that was rescued.

I understand that the anti-Stalinist rhetoric should sound in Russia until the echo of our defeat does not hide in the tunnel of time. But it all over necessary know when to stop.

No need to heresy. ".

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