We expect the third and global brand-new Russian revolution

"SP" continues to publish articles on the answer to the question of scale: what awaits us in 2015, the year?

The closer on December 4, the higher the degree of political passions. Politicians of all ranks and levels, ahead of each other, eager to an hour "X" porazdavat promises and catch enemies. And the main thing — to convince people that vote for the "United Russia" — this is the ultimate meaning of human life. Such a memory that immediately after the counting of votes will be the end of the world. But we — not politics — is well aware: election-life is not complete. We expect the future, it is very uncertain.

"Free Press" has decided to look into the future, inviting discussion recognizable professionals. Their vision with our readers have already shared journalist Misha Leontiev, a farmer and a public figure Misha Shliapnikov, economist Andrew Bunic, writer Mike Weller. Now the conversation is connected chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia Heydar Jemal. Before the talk we offered little dream. Think about it: on the threshold of 2015. What's happening in Russia and in the world?

"SP": — Heydar Dzhahidovich that defines 2015?

— 2015 year — a situation that has developed in Russia and the surrounding world as a result of recent Russian Revolution and World War III. The Russian Revolution and the War — related actions, in almost all they have caused each other.

In 2012, the year in Russia there was a collapse of the regime. In other words, the end of an agonizing psevdosistemy that appeared on the ruins of the Russian Union. After the defeat of the war in the cool Russian nomenclature to include the crime and tsehovikov, took power into their own hands. Inside the system for some time were running tug of war between one part of it, which was related to the party-Russian economic authorities, and the other part that had to do with security officials. This tug, ultimately, led to the collapse of the active support of the world.

The United States concluded that they were more interested existence of, and it is fascinating to decay into several pseudo to isolate Europe — in terms of energy — from Russian hydrocarbons. But when the collapse actually went when officials of "United Russia" was the first openly sabotage, and later scatter appeared forces that challenged the prevailing circumstances. They began to fight for the retention of the integrity of, for the retention of the country — but under the banner of a new project.

Naturally, NATO responded but it is a direct interference in the internal affairs of the dying of. For this we used the former republics of the Soviet Union, which became the CIS countries. Even the part of Ukraine and Belarus were involved forces who carried out raids on Russian deepest area for police operations in the aerospace support NATO forces.

But at some point NATO was not up to the Russian Federation, as the situation worsened in the world. Conflict erupted powerful coalition of India, land of the rising sun, a few countries in South-East Asia against China (he supported Pakistan) — so there was one front the Third World. Another conflict broke out between Iran and the Gulf states — so there was the second front. In addition, a conflict broke out in Europe itself.

Europe — Western Europe Ancient — saw a majestically RF possibility of release from the South American diktat. For France, Germany, Italy, it was essentially, that the area east of the Dnieper would remain beyond the control of the South American. It was the guarantor of the survival of old Europe. In the end, there was intra-European front: Little Entente (political bloc Czechoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia, made in 1920-1921, "SP") entered into an armed conflict with Germany, Austria and France.

"SP": — What happened to the Russian Federation itself?

— In Russia itself at that time there was a struggle, as a result of which managed to keep the country from falling apart, and put forward a new draft refreshed Russia. This project was nominated by the latest power, which appeared on the terrain of the former Russian — Social Republican League.

UEFA has put in front of him puzzles implementation of direct democracy. In 2015 the country has already ruled New Tips — People's Committees, which have been co-opted in passionary and capable people. Leagues formed and Congress, who was involved in the coordination of common neuvvyazkami and People's Committees across the country. In other words, the motto of the Russian government in the form of a refreshed was very pretty populations in critical situations.

As early as the 2011 theme of Russian power was topical for the population, but it was unclear from which side to approach this concept. Yet, new tips in the form of the People's Committees were clear thought. It was not the placement of candidates imposed from above. Here people are really like in the 1917 high-school students with reddish bandages came and stated: we are now — the power in the town. It was a de-facto self-promotion. But the creation of mandatory condition of the People's Committees in the signing of the Charter on the political support of committees together in the name of a global project. This global project is contained in the Charter: the country does not immediately convert into a superpower in the Russian sense, but in a universal forum, which was a point of support for all the forces of global protest.

Problem was — to give political stability inside the country, to reincarnate it into a stronghold, which can not be overturned by the upcoming NATO intervention. It came out in the end is quite aggressive activities. All separatist forces operating in Siberia, the Far East, the West and South of the country, have been destroyed with the active support of the Islamic factor.

"SP": — What is the ideology of the Social Republican League?

— Naturally, internationalism. The league does not beheld goal in restoration areas within the borders of the former Soviet Union. The project was not limited to the classic historical borders, it was open to the accession of any country, such as the states of Eastern Europe or Afghanistan — if the demolition of these people own their own regimes.

In addition, one of the objectives set by the Social Republican League, was the complete zakazachivanie population. All citizens in the Russian countryside granted the right to carry a gun — provided that these people come to the People's Guard, in other words will be constantly active militia. It was a reasonable measure to the hazard criteria of direct physical attack NATO mercenaries and aerospace are blatant attack on towns and defense hub Fri logistics and infrastructure.

If not for the great war, which began immediately in several places, including Europe, if not for the enormous social challenges that have fallen by the United States in this period, most likely, the League failed to maintain the integrity of the area, and to achieve the seizure of power. But the West's attention was distracted by the providential — just as in 1917, when the lethargy of the First World War and the differences between the imperialist countries do not have allowed them to consolidate support Snow-white movement. Total Allied fighter presence after 1917 remained on the territory of Russia in the range of 30 thousand people. It was a provocation for the Russian people, but not a real threat. As a result, Denikin and Wrangel were defeated and expelled.

The same happened in the 2013-2014-m, respectively, when the tragic action in the world do not have allowed the world system organized Russia to its knees. In the United States during this period there was a politica
l upheaval — unconstitutional entered through a state of emergency as a means to block the increasing social protest. In the criteria, the middle class in America fall into poverty and out on the streets, was held unconstitutional coup with the establishment of the dictatorship of Caesarist type. In other words, the South American republic was held by Rome — from a republic to Caesarism.

Our homeland is under the control of the Social Republican League, became the spiritual, ideological and sacred center, which is concentrating on all the protesting forces — from Brazil and South Africa to China. I mean, people's forces, who threw his challenge their regimes. It was a question of a return to the world revolution, but on the religious — and not materialistic — the base.

"SP": — How it actually looked?

— Of course, it is implied rather small alliance refreshed Orthodoxy, freed from ekumenistskih and prokatolicheskih trends with political Islam. Most were open wide gate to immigration from the outside world. In the country drove people from the West and the East, but the selection was still — the selection on the basis of drive. In other words, visited only by those who possessed a certain inner spiritual attitude, willingness to bear hardship, sacrifice, work and cash a common project. There were Pakistanis and the British and the Germans — as it was, by the way, in the 1920s.

But the Social Republican League has done everything to make more use of early experience, and to prevent the emergence of Comrade Stalin, who could turn this project, and all the people who come to sacrifice their lives for the name of a new future, to send to the gulag and shoot. Democracy is guaranteed from the bottom arms of the people. In addition to the criminal element, all joined the militia at his residence, and became leaders of local committees. Full zakazachivanie population is a guarantee that the Committee's own workplace will not be able to go beyond a certain relationship with the ward population. The public has the right to go out, come to their own people's commissar and correct him. A People's Committee, in turn, is a cell-ground power, which can improve management of the Social Republican League in Congress.

This movement from the bottom up meant collegiality, while the principle of collegiality in Russia based on passionarity. Upwards were not the people that were aimed at stabilizing, cut dividends, reincarnation hot in the cold. In contrast, the people who could spin again and again, and to mobilize the project. Those excluded kaddafizma syndrome, which was associated with the fact that the Jamahiriya snaps to the cult of personality. The cult of personality in the modern Russian Federation has been prevented from the start.

Speak out so that was taken all the best of the Jacobin project when they were Jacobin committees and collegial governance Desmoulins and Robespierre, and the best moments of 1918. If you read bolshennymi historical generalizations, I see in the beginning of 2015 the latest Zaporizhzhya Sich-wide area throughout today's Russian Federation and the CIS only today.

"SP": — a lot of blood will be?

— Blood will no doubt. In the main, it will be triggered by the West, which consumes about 4.5 million mercenary security forces, which are now on the ground of the Russian Federation. If you take outside the Armed Forces standard 2011 private army — the army of "Gazprom", "Lukoil", — plus all the private security companies, plus the pseudo gang who are actually entities affiliated with the Federal Security Service and the police under the guise of unidentified groups that have no restrictions on their actions … In short, if you take all the people in camouflage, we have collected 4.5 million people — a couple of times more than the country's armed forces directly.

These people in 2011 were paid from deripasok, Potanin, Abramovich. This mercenaries, many of them — languid psychopaths past two Chechen wars. Some of these people run away, some will fall to the bottom part will pretend that runs across the side of the people's power. But a significant part of them will be used for the dismemberment of the Russian Federation by the governors who receive authorization to do so from the West. The governors zahochut become the standard by local warlords of the former republics of the USSR, who fled to Ethnocracy. These governors were opportunists. Because of their more acute is the question you need to use your own chance. They utter the West that natural monopolies are eliminated, and the resources they are able to sell directly to the world market, as princelings.

In the end, the governors will try to legitimize themselves by raising their own internal manezhek and kuschovok through inter-ethnic conflicts and blood — so that people associate with them in such a Makarov. Until 2011, it did in Kyrgyzstan, Roza Otunbayeva, when immediately after coming to power, arranged Osh massacre, and that Tipo warned collapse of Kyrgyzstan to the north and south. She linked the north and south of the Uzbek krovyu.Eta same scheme will inevitably involved in Russia.

But I believe that in Russia there is quite a force that will keep the situation. And first, that this will help — Social respublianskaya League, a virtual political core, we are talking about. League immediately appeal to the people to a massive arms, massive zakazachivaniyu, and the creation of self-government by recruiting principle. In other words, anyone who takes on the responsibility should be aware of: either he is the organizer of the situation on the spot, or has caused, but it turned out to zero, he pays with his life. Because samovydvigatsya before he should contemplate three times. This will be a selection of passionate element.

Something similar has already been in the new Russian history. First 1990s in response to the privatization of the nomenklatura up those who later called the crime of the 1990s. In fact, they were not just criminal gangs. To a large extent, it was a challenge to the people of the upper strata. But they were unorganized, spontaneous, poorly educated. And the government — Yeltsin Korzhakov who were under them kegebeshnye Cop and structure — vented them among themselves, killed, and later changed the organized crime groups, consisting of its own personnel. In other words, personnel from the security forces, who took off their shoulder straps, shoulder straps and put thieves. A "bandits" of the 1990s, which were really the people's representatives — failed Razin mini and mini Bolotnikova went underground and were defame Konstantinov in the books and movies of the type "Gangster Petersburg".

In reality, it was a very unformed, raw and, unfortunately, devoid of the political component of the national surge of confrontation and voucher privatization. On top of reddish director and party leaders snatched pieces, and the bottom there were people who belonged to the thickness of the people, and who articulated: we do not want. A common example of such a person — Anatoly Bykov, who intervened in the process zahavyvaniya resources nomenclature. But the system and milled.

That power is again not thrown these guys need a political force, a colleague who'd assumed the general objectives: professional defense, great science, monitoring of foreign relations. In other words, the common themes that can not be resolved or the People's Committee, nor the Congress, and require constant presence of politically-oriented people — which, of course, co-opted from the People's Committees.

We must get rid of the error — either fatal stroke — authorized the Bolsheviks. The fact is that in the "State and Revolution", Lenin wrote that the country should not be, and should be the people's self-government through the Soviets. But when the Soviets actually took place, and he saw them, he saw that the Bolshevi
ks took their minority, and the Socialist-Revolutionaries — the best part. And if you go the way of his former doctrine, it is necessary to put an end to his political future of all give the SRs, and himself into oblivion. A policy into oblivion unimaginable.

Because apart from the Soviets, Lenin made a government that is headed by a party that the Soviets bent the ram's horn — and eliminated eserskuyu component. Tips after such surgery turned into an appendage of the rump and nomenclature.

Need to get rid of this sinful ways. Nomenclature — as a concept — is the main enemy of the future of. Tips — The People's committees — and there is a party, of which Professor, College, grows out of it, like the flowers in the flower bed. I'm saying that there should be no gap between the People's Committee and the political top, there should be no division in the National Committee for a few games. People's Committees should be what were the Soviets in 1918: their authority begins and ends on their own.

"SP": — What will happen to the members of the tandem in 2015?

— This will solve the people.

"SP": — And any of today's politicians can manifest?

— No. None of those who were involved in the situation 1991-2011 years will not be allowed in politics.

"SP": — You suggests that our homeland — the point of assembly. Who will want to join this point?

— War and the global crisis will make the population of the earth even more dramatic and conflict than it is now. To give just one indicator. In 1920, when the revolution was accomplished just 1% of the world population owned 40% of global wealth. During the 50 years of the Russian government, in 1970, the figure snizalos to 20%. In other words, not in absolute and relative terms, under pressure from socialist system, this one had to hand over half the percentage of wealth. But what's interesting: from 1970 to 1990, the second, when she went to convergence, and when the top of the Communist Party embarked on a path of betrayal, they returned item. In 1990, they again have had 40% of global wealth. Who is the one percent of the world population has more than 80% of global wealth.

In fact, the situation is even more dramatic. The fact that the 1% has also the whole "air" part of the money, which is converted into all real wealth. You have a real museums, houses, roads, beaches, mineral resources. All this is being sold on the open market, and converted into a bogus remedies that you have done, for example, playing the stock market. Or even more pleasant situation — you are the bank and just draw funds, and assign to everything. So Makarov, I think, the share of the wealth of 1 percent of the population is still higher than 80%.

This bundle provides that the crisis will evolve. The middle class will be destroyed, and his representatives — underclass and thrown into the street. Unemployment is complete, even China will be put in an impossible situation, as any more a cheap and competitive centers of production. Is it worth it just to block Chinese goods market — lower quotas and defer the implementation of somewhere else — and for the next day in China will be 500 million hungry people. And the Chinese Communist Party will have to deal with half of China, which will be their vomit. Because when the Chinese in the system — are stable and a cup of rice — they both bots and very obedient. But when it starts plainclothes war on social reasons, it is at least 50 years, and carries all to pieces.

By the way, China will continue to be turned off from the game, and in return will be made centers of production that will meet the needs of the few members of the elite. In addition, will the myth of the golden billion Golden billion — are residents of the country of the rising sun, the Europeans, the Americans. But the fact that a significant part of the Yankees is in the same position as the slum dwellers on other continents, and their number will grow. Similarly, the social package for the end of Europe. In other words, no gold billion will not be 60-70 million elites, who, with an emphasis on private military companies instead of the current state armies will hold under the pressure of 5-6 billion inhabitants of the earth. Clean these adjective will gradually be reduced to throw just the right — those who can somehow be cut.

"SP": — What are the elites all this?

— The prospect that they have in mind — to go on postpotrebitelskuyu economy. The world economy was the industrial phase, and later post-industrial phase — the so-called smart economy. And in the future, to protect themselves from the crisis, we need postpotrebitelskaya economy. This means that the enormous majority of people banned from the use of force and kept under control. The part of the population that is included with the economy, knowledge-based economy, and receives electrical points that can cash out.

Let's say you're sitting at the computer, right? You give your brain back to the terminal. For you, for the quality of your work and the time spent at the computer, to charge electric tools. On which you can order from a computer store for themselves a sandwich, socks — what you need to. To give it to you as you work. And there is an elite that implements what she considers his project, and that is provided by you and anyone who is able to participate in a smart economy and flattened to the needs of the elite production. The rest of the population will be thrown beyond the mega-cities, large cities. There it will be able to rebel, to go on strike — it will not disturb anyone …

This is a topic — not novsti. There is a book by Jean-Christophe Rufina "global" is the movie "Code 46", which examines the polarization of the city-province. In the province of people live outside of history and outside of politics that does not motivate anyone. They live like camels in the Sahara. Live, breed, die hungry. And there are people in big cities, which are subject to strict rules of the game. The larger town of universal, between London and Shanghai there is no difference. There are rules and strict control. System inside a large city serves the interests of a very narrow range. This narrow circle — Committee meeting of the Antichrist.

We must do everything to disrupt the candy bar of the project, to present an alternative political will.

"SP": — In yet another, from your own words, the world is waiting for slavery?

— Slavery now exists as an ordinary thing, like air, but we do not notice. This is not a figurative piece, which reads as follows, for example, Bhagavan Sri Rajneesh — say, you slaves of their own desires, you have to emancipate itself from the social stamps, bindings. I'm not talking about this mess, I'm talking about real slavery.

Aware of what is progress? This constant mobilization of the human factor. For example, in 1700, the year you have Paris, Marseille, Lyon — a few pockets of civilization. There, gentlemen, bourgeois, artisans. And there are semi-wild sea French peasantry, some Breton fishermen. They live as they lived under the pharaohs in ancient Egypt — they are actually the elements of nature. Their current time, one day, there is one sou. How many of them can be operated, that can be prepared? Actual time these people is worthless. You can exploit a man with his plow 24 hours a day, otymat all. He will rebel, dies, but it's still — a pittance.

Meanwhile, the top of the social pyramid, where the Pharaoh go on metaphysical grounds, allowing to public lands exist. This metaphysical foundations need to pay. Connection of up and down in the invisible, occult plane — what makes a legitimate monarch — is that of the beam, in which up is sublimation. And the demands are growing a little bit every day. In the end, there comes a moment when the ruling class, led by Pharaoh nothing to p
ay, as there is nothing to take from below.

Then you need this little capitalizing bottom, raise the price of its actual time. To do this, you need to carry out reforms, movements, if necessary — to bring social discontent, which eventually reformatted bottom: there bourgeoisie organized artisans. Their time is worth more. That's progress — the mobilization of the human factor.

As a result of the Napoleonic wars, the people who did not differ from hares, reincarnated as a bourgeois, merchants and workers. Work — this is not a peasant who run for a month, and all its products are worth five sous. Work — is another matter entirely, he works day — Franc gets. In other words, there is a mass of people capitalization.

But for now, let's say you have a solid office plankton Paris, Paris does not produce anything. There's all go to the "Citroens" and "Renault". The Paris office clerk pays to insurance funds, walks into the pool on Qigong, his kids are studying in the institute. It spins like a squirrel in a cage. His time is worth EUR per second.

But there comes a time when that is not enough, so that the vertex could pay the metaphysical foundations of its power. How to increase the capitalization on? Claire can not have this turned into more of capitalized individual, and so he is on the verge of bio resource starts to break down on the mental level. You can, of course, to reincarnate in the same way he, and Africa.

In the Russian Union held a mobilization: of the 150 million illiterate men revolution plainclothes war, collectivization did engineers, workers and athletes. Of a large country where 150 million illiterate men — Continuous Stakhanovists and drummers of Socialist Labor. But that it was necessary to do that? Take away all the men, ladies get in diamonds from corsets, shake out all the pictures of the estates, and convert all of this into a resource that can be mobilized all of this population.

But it was the Bolsheviks. And who is at the moment 150 million Negroes turn in the French office clerks? None of these funds, and do not have these powers. Now an unlimited number of people living like the French in 1700, the year, but who invested to reincarnate them in the continuation of this France? Metaphysical reasons have nothing else to pay, because the world's turmoil — are inevitable.

"SP": — How will Moscow look in 2015?

— I think it will fall as an office center. Under the new criteria will be no need to keep the offices here of "Gazprom" and "Lukoil". This means that not only the office plankton would be out of work, and the mass of toadies who provide nightclubs, discos, prostitutes. All of this is out of work, and will run to the heat source and the food to be not exactly a stone tropical undergrowth. In Moscow, is 15-20% of the population will be very many unoccupied space in elite homes that will stand the worse for wear. There will be a lot of garbage. The wind will drive the paper on the streets will be a lot of looters. But later, the power of the Social Republican League of People's Committees will bring strict order.

Still, the center of Moscow will not. Territory management will be carried out in a decentralized manner. There is no need to collect unlimited range, which sits languishing asses oak chairs in one place such as the Duma or the Council of Ministers. Political body should not sit at a round table in the smoke-filled room, the Bolsheviks at the Smolny. The Taliban, for example, have developed this theme. They are organizing work against the Yankees selector way through the web.

The problem is that the people who are going together for a round table — the government or the committee — made the latest wrong mentality. Due to the fact that they sit and fray, smoking and arguing with them is a picture that is very different from what is behind the door. Behind the door stands guard, and he has a different perception of what is happening. And the people at the table themselves claim, warmed, and make awareness, which is not true.

2nd point — very hard to break into their level. As they are in this state, they lose the reverse link. And the most important thing in the future leadership — is constant online connection to reality, while maintaining a constant political vector. Awareness of why and for what — in the latter sense — done every step. The main task — to raise to power a new type of people. Do not make them, and give a certain type of person to become a class, to rise to power, up to, to become a subject.

"SP": — Who are these people?

— These are people who are capable of self-sacrifice for the sake of super-task, people like Che Guevara. It's lonely characters who by his own gene pool belong to the warriors. Absolutist monarchy in the XVI century, destroyed this class — knights, altars — and changed his professor armies who later Robotic. Already by the time of Napoleon was a crisis in the military profession. Napoleon was the last person to try to raise the military class strata of the people. He gave the title of Count and Marquis of people on the battlefield — to those who have shown themselves to be heroes. It was so effective that the Napoleonic nobility later had to attach to the nobility, recovered after the Restoration — so they were real people.

Must be returned warriors as a class heroes to political life and political will. Since the idea of warriors — a struggle for justice.

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