We found the use of lunar water

Since 2009, we know that the moon has large reserves of water ice hidden in the satellite craters on its south pole. Now scientists are trying to find ways to use these water resources for science and humanity.

Ice water found on the moon in a cloud of matter during the docking of a spacecraft NASA could provide material for rocket fuel, familiar to earthlings air you can breathe, or even drinking water.

Reserves of this resource on our satellite fairly impressive. According to the Institute of the moon and planets, on the north pole of the moon is about 600 million tons of frozen water. If all the ice to melt and provide liquid hydrogen and oxygen, you get so much rocket fuel, that it will be enough for the daily running of the space shuttle during the 2200 years.

There are suggestions that water on the moon is much more than has so far been detected. If you start to use it properly, it will soon be to establish a system of constant movement between the Earth and the Moon, without having to worry about fuel.

Of course, first scientists need to explore further the properties of lunar ice and features of the landscape of the moon. Only then will develop a plan to use the found water. Perhaps because of the Moon will transit point or charging for spacecraft, following further deep into the solar system. This will greatly facilitate the start of ships from Earth, as they will weigh less and be able to fly faster.


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