We have nothing to be ashamed of their own history. Including the history of the USSR

Izborsky club called "red" and "white" to the historic agreement

In Izborsk once ruled son Gostomysla words, and later he went into the possession of his nephew Truvor — brother of Rurik. Born in Ulyanovsk (then — Simbirsk) was a glorified the Russian Empire and the Russian government Karamzin, a native of him — the last Minister of Internal Affairs of the Empire Protopopoff, who tried unsuccessfully to suppress the February revolution, and in addition — Kerensky and Lenin.

The similarity of these 2-towns is that they both are the typical signs of transition, in other words, the end of an old era and the advent of the modern.

Izborsky Club instituted in the first town, and called for a consensus of "red" and "white" as a recognition of the value of the USSR as a sign of success higher RF and unity of history — in the 2nd. There is logic.

Intention to put up a "red" and "white" painfully perceived "black" — in other words nationalists who love themselves more, declaring himself a "Russian" than actually Russian, they are willing to share parts with those who do not recognize the Russian. However, the club such was not.

Not all "white" were ready for such a conversation. Not all ready for reconciliation and a discussion topic beheld how to make peace. But with all this, everyone knew that this day unite in politics more than sharing a story. Some of them agreed to tolerate and even forgive the "red" if they repent of their own fault and will accept orthodoxy, and were even ready to accept as a cult figure of Stalin. But with all this trying to incriminate the sins of Lenin, although, strictly speaking, it was he who freed the church from the municipal authority and guaranteed possession of the objects needed to implement services. Someone tried all the same to perform synthesis and recognize Bolshevism version of "National Bolshevism" in denial "red" from Marx, Marxism and internationalism, but agreeing to a recognition of the role of Lenin.

Third position still appeared to be more constructive. "Platform of the Three" (Chernyakhovskii, Shevchenko, Dugin) was the fact that in general it is better not read the synthesis of ideological postulates and a political union around the burning goals and objectives. Each retains all that their ideological preferences and values, but for all that everyone recognizes:

— that the market ideology and organization of the market economy have been exhausted;

— To revive the economy of the Russian Federation must have an active role in the country's economy and to the very strong government that expresses the interests of the majority of people and socially responsible to them;

— that Russia will need a technological breakthrough production, the creation of modern production, the information age in which science is converted into a specific productive force, and the person is released from the institutional role of the epididymis and the production machine and getting over it as the organizer and controller;

— that is such a breakthrough impossible to perform on market principles: taking them to modern standards will inevitably put Russia in the semi-colonial subordinate position in relation to the rest of the world.

Our homeland has to regain its territorial integrity within at least 1985, in other words, must be made solutions Final Act of the Helsinki Conference on the inviolability of borders. Russia should also be returned to its area of responsibility defined the Potsdam Conference in 1945. The international community must make up for the loss of the Russian Federation, it incurred over time after making it to the end of the 1980s, one-sided economic and political concessions. The principle of State sovereignty is proclaimed primary in relation to how even international acts of international organizations.

Accordingly, it establishes a principle which states that the first agreement is necessary in order to find in the future, not the past. No need to read about what divides and what unites voedinyzhdy.

This means that you need:

— mutually renounce vengeance for the past;

— abandon the prosecutions and convictions;

— abandon attempts to incite confrontation and create intolerable situation for each other;

— recognized for each of which went right to consent to their unfettered activity and the open statement of his views, but without actually trying to incite intolerance, aggressive side.

In other words, are invited to make their own kind of "alliance for progress", involving the preservation of historical memory and the contrast in the past.

In general, these items are not fundamentally caused objections from other parties who have agreed to take as a basis the proposed consent postulates in the system of relations, in particular technology and the procedure of "plain end of the war":

— respect the views of the parties and the motives acts of representatives of each of the camps at the time of its occurrence;

— transfer disputes their historical correctness of the political-journalistic in the historical and academic sphere;

— failure to consider both pre-Soviet and Russian period as a "black hole of history";

— creation (which to a large extent already been made in the Russian period) of the total heroic and mythological pantheon;

— providing historical honors members of the pre-Soviet Russia is not accompanied by belittling honors Russian figures of the period;

— adoption as a universally accepted rules of tolerance respectfulness in the discussions of representatives of both traditions;

— mutual waiver of discharge pejorative and hatred between the parties;

— rejection of the renaming of geographical, cultural and transport facilities, in special cases, with the objects of special historical significance — equal introduction of double names;

— equal representation of ideologies and sacral sides' approaches in social activities and learning process;

— recognition of equality of ideological traditions.

And if the first day of the session of the Ulyanovsk Izborsk club was a pretty hard day or disputes, and from time to time and demonstratively ritual acts, the second was the days of the adoption of a common position on the development of the Museum of the Soviet Union as expressed by a demonstrative act as a type of the future restore Russia's position in the world, its economy and Eurasian integration.

Empire did not die, and he Russian Alliance, which brought together a divided areas of the country, there has been called an emblem of recovery, as well as its emblem made in the period of higher power and global influence of.

And the members of the Club, and the governor of the Ulyanovsk region have adopted an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation with a proposal to develop a cluster of museums dedicated to the Soviet Union and a number associated with the successes of its branches — from the Museum of the History of Education to the museum of aviation history.

With all of this stands out now request an updated positive history. If the country and the people there, no matter what, are far not the last country in the world and the people — meaning, their story was still successful. And in what would be the disaster, and no difficulties were a country and people, they are, one way or another, always overcame them. And if you have them there is reason to be proud.

In other words, the story should be the subject of a positive self-identity. And history The Soviet Union should be recognized as one of the more important and value-successful periods of Russian history. This does not
mean that it should be reduced to a formal presentation of the marketing and propaganda, and it would be absurd not to pay attention to mistakes, difficulties and disasters of the period. Just talking about them, you need to read the truth, and showing the share of defeats against the weight of the victories, and the scale of the catastrophic against heroic scale. And if during the period from 1921 to 1953 suffered from political repression (someone — deservedly, some — wrongly) about 4 million people — do not be silent about what it was, but to honestly state that they all share stood at least 2% of the population.

Do not be silent about the fact that the victims were innocent, but not necessary silent and that the victims for their real guilt was more. It is true — so true. And the Museum of the USSR should be a museum of Truth, which at first is that the Soviet Union was the most majestic of the countries in the history of mankind. State that does not "crash", and was destroyed. And more to be said, by whom and how.

But the basic truth, on the views and the "white" and "red", gathered at the home creator of the USSR, though the fact that the people of the country and there is nothing to be ashamed of the history of the USSR, which is for their first source of pride. And a day of education USSR, December 30, should be recognized as a solemn memorial days of modern Russia.

Lofty countries appear where there is a request for them. And if there is a request — they vorachivayutsya.

Day of the Soviet Union, on December 30, should prazdnichkom become in modern Russia.

If the country and the people, in spite of everything, there is — which means their history was successful.

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