We lingered on Freedom Day activists have not found the offense

Bobruisk City Court on August 31 re-examined the case against the head of the Mogilev regional organization of BCD Taisii Kabanchuk of resisting police during the arrest on March 25.

After two and a half hours of consideration and presentation of eight witnesses, the judge decided to close the case for lack of evidence.

Taisa Kabanchuk"The judge was trying to find out on what basis the police Minin and Shkradyuk who have been detained, have prepared a report that I resisted. But they could not explain it. I believe that the judge was forced to make a fair judgment, because, first, it was clearly "quite transparent". And secondly, on the eve of elections, the authorities probably do not want to give rise to negatively evaluate their actions. "

Taisa Kabanchuk detained on March 25 on the Bobruisk railway station as she was about to board a train to Minsk to take part in the celebration of Freedom Day. A woman reported that police injured her hand and broke the glasses. They explained that purported to have information that Taisa transport drugs. At the police station after a review of things to Taisa Kabanchuk up a report for disobeying police. She wanted to try in the day of his arrest, but the woman demanded a lawyer. Taisa said that she was detained solely for political reasons.

Scheduled for March 31 trial was postponed.

Later Kabanchuk reported that Bobruisk Court heard the case of resistance to police and found her guilty, but decided not to punish. That is, the case was heard without the presence of the accused. Taisa Kabanchuk filed a complaint about it to the prosecutor. Now Bobruisk court was forced to re-examine the case, the press service of the Belarusian Christian Democracy.


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