We need a Russian Billion

After scoring in Vlog number 15 the idea of "Russian Billion" I received a lot of emails and questions asking to explain his position.

What after all is the "Russian Billion"? We must do all that is necessary in order to ensure high numbers of the Russian population in the billion people.

The main questions that emerge are:

1. What is in general at the moment we need a fundamentally the question that we have to create a program from the merits of the total number of people equal to the RF billion people?

2. What exactly is behind this, and in the process of moving in this direction could be followed?

3. What configurations should occur and what effect we expect the statement announcing the need for similar tasks?

To answer these questions, we need to recall the main problems of the current day or for the Russian Federation, have a direct bearing on the answers to all the questions raised.

State issue.
The financial strategy.
Social affairs.

I'll try to briefly describe the current state of affairs. Prepyadstviya that are in those areas of the country, and what they are at the theoretical level threaten the future development of Russia. And then we will see that the movement towards the implementation of programs from "Russian billion" will help alleviate these problems.

State issue.

In the modern world at the present moment, defeated militant multiculturalism, which in fact means not peaceful coexistence of different peoples, and forcibly blurring the distinction between them. Goes global experience in the feeding of the new man — "homo globalitikusa." Man torn from their own government and cultural roots, the main purpose of life is the creation of products and services and their next intake. Instead of public and cultural framework, which provides stability of human society, we propose to adopt the "only true" economic framework. Instead of religion and morality we offer fashion. Instead of ethics — the law. Instead of the need to offer a conscience. This is the problem worldwide, it has no Russian specificity. "Gomoglobalitikusy" inside our country has not yet determined the direction of her public life, although it must be admitted, has greatly influenced her.

On this basis, the program "Russian billion", if adopted, should serve several purposes in the public issue.

1. Recognition of the need to preserve all nationalities, who generally live in Russia, as part of an overall multi-ethnic Russian nation. Need legislatively prescribed in the Constitution of the role of the Russian people, as forming a government. Back to the recognition of nationalities, public accounting features.

2. The recognition of the difference between the various problems faced by the people, and in consequence of this, and the failure of the unification of decisions. Each has its own history of the Russian people, their living conditions and their calls this day or. For scarce northern people, for example, a full-length discrepancy can stand maintain themselves as ethnic group, and for the peoples of the North Caucasus, on the contrary, unemployment. Embarrassed about disregard these problems only worsens them and multiplies the tangle of mutual insults and recriminations.

In the end, our homeland should become a state, which by law, in the Constitution introduces the concept of "the peoples of the Russian Federation." What guarantees not only a set of personal rights, freedoms and obligations of every citizen separately, and for each of the people of the Russian Federation, which is an integral part of the Russian people, the Russian state-forming bonded people. Our homeland has become a world leader in multiculturalism is not experiencing a string of bankruptcies throughout the world, and in the preservation of public informed and culturally at least some of the nations that make up the unity of the Russian people.

If we do not resolve the issue, and the state does not take off, emerging national controversy escalated after our failure in 1991 of their own civilization project, we run the risk, so to speak, to remain without a roof over their heads. The output is always in the same place and entrance. We tried to fit into the global home based on Western values. And 30 years have passed, as it became clear that if the house is global, it is in principle not be based only on Western values. It's like if I gave you to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Belongs to the entire population of the earth, might even be able to walk on it. But in the evening you will be asked to leave. This will happen because it belongs naturally to everyone. But as tourists, but the rights of the owner it is Mayor of the town of Paris. So walk walk, but will do that for you to pronounce the servant of the tower. And when utter. That's how we are. Took a trip across the state to emigrate to a country churchyard "global home", but seems to be at a party was not great, home is best. It's time as well organized, the entire state vorachivatsya of emigration. And rolling up their sleeves to begin watching their home. The house where we do not have to teach tolerance and multiculturalism, and we ourselves can, who want to teach tolerance and mutual respect each other.

The financial strategy.

It's no secret that we need an economic breakthrough. Again, the situation is such that we do not start in the coming 10-15 years, much to catch up with developed countries in terms of technology, not to identify new targets for current and future generations, we can face the new challenges to which we are not ready.

What are some ways we can provide economic breakthrough? In fact we currently only offered two recipes. First — is the administrative team, the second — the liberal market. In short, either the work force or bribe.

In the first case, success can be achieved, but at present most of the criteria for such a strategy would not support. In addition, such a method suffers one drawback: it is very dependent on the properties of the managers, and ensures the continuation of the path on the basis of self-sustaining and self-regulating system. The risk of loss rates at change and rotation.

Second path just unreal. It gives the effect of self-control, but is confined only to increase the cost-effectiveness and profitability that almost all contrary to the latest exchange rate of industrialization, to build Innovative economy, new land development and arrangement of habitats. Liberal market mechanism is faltering without the support of a strong, non-market player. On this day, with players in the world are the emission centers. First, the Fed and the Bank of England. It is they who have the ability, being the first creditors and creating money from nothing, to guide them in an arbitrarily long projects. Guided with all this economic or political interests. But, let's be frank — interested whether the Fed or the Bank of England to finance the development of, because it's necessary? We need. The answer is clear: no, not interested. Or speak out like this: interested. But because we do not need. Maybe some "investors" are like-minded? There is none. Give me the 1st investor who would have the chain of debts and obligations would not be dependent on the first lenders, the Fed and the Bank of England. The introduction of, as a resource base, it is always welcome. But one of us to raise ourselves global rival, to build another center of economic and right behind it, and political forces, no one except us will not.

In the end, we see that the right to a sovereign issue become a necessary step for our development. Only then can we start ou
r economy to work in the most-development. Maintaining control over the money of the country and the main branches of big industry, market processes in small and medium-sized businesses, providing elasticity in the production of products and the provision of the national consumption of the masses of different services. Rejection of ideology in the economy. Privatization for ideological reasons, as well malicious programs, as well as the nationalization of going beyond economic sense. The subordination of economic development tasks of our field habitat. Subordination of the economy explosive development plans.

Social affairs

While the "Big Jerk" must change the hard times fatal for the Russian Federation "Big Hapke." The ideology and practice of socially oriented powers should not only change the economic sense and reference, and the form of relations between people. Major role in similar changes to the governments. Offering the example program aimed at achieving the "Russian billion", designed for several generations, the government should attend to the meaning of its implementation and to convey the meaning of each applets. Here a decent pay for work of those who will work in its place, or to grow and to educate kids in the family, will not be enough. Need propaganda, promotion of common thoughts of the people, unity of purpose and access to the results of common labor. Need to change the information field. This is a prerequisite beginning of the path. Disruption must be, first, to defeat in their heads. Though what kind of society has the right to defend with a gun in his hand. Our tool has become our culture, our values, mental health care civilization. We need to build our lives on our views based on our reasonable Russian traditionalism, on our part, mined-out the centuries, the method of co-existence of different religions and cultures in the hardened parity and mutual respect. We need not stop even for a day that goes by decades of work sifting individualism is alien to us apart from the collective ethic Russians. Need to promote healthy lifestyles in opposition to all forms of vice. Promotion of the family, as opposed to "career instead of children." Promotion of public service, his own family, as opposed to "life for themselves."

We need excellent presenters who will conduct programs from the children and the beauty of communion with lovely children. Lead — being pregnant. Pregnancy should be a prestigious one. The birth of babies not only economically profitable, with comparable wage benefits for municipal motivated kids, and trendy. Correct and the only probable behavior of people in our country. In short, we need to encourage the state of all forms of similar activities.

Ultimately, we need a job in the information field. Ability to set the agenda of the day or, to monitor the quality of the disk imaging. Let's not be mistaken for a violation of the principle of freedom of speech, but the seamy pouring from the TV screens must be completed. Must be selected — or "Russian Billion", or seamy side. I have to go into oblivion and lack of Russian Cinématographe. Cops, gangsters, oligarchs, confused maniacs and morons just — thank you all, all are free. Newcomer time needs new heroes. Moms, fathers and kids. Ordinary people who want kids, give birth to babies. Lots of kids. Achieve its goals in the multiplication of our people without recovery of the information field, without the restoration of the spiritual health of the people is unrealistic.

Based on the above can be constructed following the spoken answers to the three questions, first articulated by the article.

1. What is in general at the moment we need a fundamentally the question that we have to create a program from the merits of the total number of people equal to the RF billion people?

The issue of Russian billion, should be put at the moment as our homeland, after braked at the edge of a precipice first zero years, should decide themselves the big question: why is it kept? From my point of view, this was God's assumption, because its role in the world Our homeland has not played and will always play until such time as the world will exist. Naturally, provided that we can meet the mission. Again the world is heading for a dead end. Again, many of the "hot heads" in the world want to cut the Gordian knot once the backlog of problems in one fell swoop. In other words — the war. But the global war is impossible until such time as our homeland is strong and united. Our nuclear fist only be able to scare the new warmongers, if people in Russia will once again be proud of the service of their own country, will be part of a huge and fundamental project of global significance. When one is aware of his appointment on the end of his own life. To run the program "Russian Billion" we include many of the processes that will self-regulate within this logic. From the start the economy, pending resolution of the state and social issues. Increasing, thereby increasing the number of its own people, our homeland not only saves himself, but helps out the rest of the world from the great war and the inevitable subsequent genocide of her people "globalizers".

2. What exactly is behind this, and in the process of moving in this direction could be followed?

The first step we have to do, is take control of the Central Bank and obtain the right to a sovereign issue. We get the municipal issuer of the national currency. Next, we need to get away from the practice of the Federal Reserve, the practice of uncontrolled printing of money. Funds created under the "planned demand." Which is provided by the implementation of programs from "Russian billion." Specifically, it starts the process due to the economy. We are building a house. The birth of baby is stimulated by a clear and understandable, transfer or sale of personal homes in rural areas of the property. Construction of houses for pulling a related industry. New homes — it builds factories, it is expensive, it's infrastructure. This hospitals, laundries, hairdressers. Kids — it's kindergartens and schools. Development of higher education through training. Enhancing the growth of new people, and this is an increase in demand. New citizen from the very first day or requests to discover a lot of attention, from diapers to food. Etc. the chain to the development of basic science and the latter areas of the north.

3.What configuration should occur and what effect we expect to need statement announcing similar tasks?

In the sphere of international relations.

Removed a significant portion of public controversy in the community. Smoothed imaginary part, the real part of the offense. Accepted, evidence-based fertility rate in the country, the right to merit billion in a few generations. Regions where it is higher or so, subsidized job creation. Regions where it is lower, at first subsidized housing. Removed the sharpest prepyadstviya that make the voltage between the nations. In parallel and separately from the developed regions received programm new territories. Thought arrangement of their own country, multiplied by improving the material conditions, the combination of moral and material incentives makes these programs from pretty, not allowing all people to start "mold" in their own state apartment.

In the economic sphere.

Cut one economy to the new regime. May God grant us that we no longer have to live by the principle of "All for the front, everything for victory," but to build a technological sense and process chains from the "Great Hapke" to "All Russian Billion" in every sense of the word, it is appropriate and purposefully in an increasingly unstable world. After gaining control of the Central Bank, we are not involved in a "race issues" and the emission centers, hoping to force
as much as possible of taking our debt securities issued by and spend the money on upgrading their own land, and the birth of their own children. Invest in improving the properties of our life in every sense of the word, and not merely to increase the level of personal consumption. Such a path can become the new Russian project for other states, if we have the will itself.

In the social sphere.

People are starting to build a real intrigued by the country in their lives and their well-being. People sees exactly what his well-being and the multiplication is the main value and the main objective. It revitalizes the social climate. Changing values, there is confidence in the next day and the feeling of comradeship. Man is not in itself for itself, and a huge part of the people, part of their own family. Decadent individualism ceases to be cute as a method of life. The government grows stronger as inside the country and abroad. There is a sense of themselves as part of a big and strong country of which you are, have not only a right, and the possibility of a decent life.

Obviously, this article can not be treated as a complete program there. She tezisno on its own essence, because the subject can not be raised in principle to open completely in one article. The main thing, as I am sure we will get together in the outlook of most of our people — it's a smooth understanding of the need to come out of the liberal global economy. With the goal to make it easier. We are entering an era of liberalism under the slogan "Against!." Against the lack of queues and against partocrats-crooks. Against, against, against. As a result, jumped in the so-referred to as the freedom, as in the pool with his head, and he found himself alone, remember another adage about who is found in whirlpools.

We need to avoid these mistakes at the moment. In-1's, not as a pool with his head, and thoroughly prepared, the information initially, then by law. To convey the idea of "Russian billion" wherever possible, talk to everyone, to campaign for her. And with all this continue to fight for the Central Bank in the walls of the lobby and the Duma. Continue to fight just knowing the goal, understanding why we need it. Not in order to take the place of the Fed, and for that to begin to engage in the development and prosperity we trusted one-sixth of the land.

Most importantly, we do not mind as before, we are in favor. We are not THAT against the liberal values and liberal economy, we are to them, frankly, do not care. We have our own tasks, the Russian billion to reach, equip their land, kids grow up. Let a liberal economy worried those who live in it, and who is dependent on its values.

It's not us. We are not liberals, liberals do not we.

It was signed: All our homeland.

According to the statutes and PRTs HBP initiating vnutriprofsoyuznuyu and internal party debate on the adoption of programs from "Russian billion" as a program for the public, political and legislative work. In case of approval of this initiative, including all intellectual powers, all the creative resources of our 2-organizations to compile a package of laws within the "Russian billion."

Please consider that laws banning bureaucrats have property and accounts abroad and to change the status of the Central Bank, are the first of the necessary for the implementation of programs from "Russian billion."

Support these two bills by voting and campaigning for them among their friends.

PS information about how to vote for a law banning bureaucrats have property and accounts abroad and to change the status of the Central Bank.

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