We were building ships, aircraft carriers

Film "We built the ships — aircraft carriers," according to the 1st of the creators of the film, Valery Babich — a story about how there was Nikolaev shipbuilding and how to develop this branch. "Movie working for the future cooperation with Russia, "- says Valery Babich.

Submissions Movie developed different: some like it, some had comments, some have stated that movie highly political because his show under any circumstances, be, and some are not found in the movie accurate ideology and thoughts. But make your own conclusion about the movie with the passage of time will manage every nikolaevets since the creators of the project plans to have broadcast the documentary "We built the ships — aircraft carriers"By Nicholas television.

Total in Nikolaev on the Black Sea shipyard was built seven aircraft carriers, "Kiev", "Varyag", "Kuznetsov", "Baku", "Novorossiysk", "Minsk", "Moscow". In the movie, you can find out about the fate of the unfinished due to the collapse of the Union of Russian aircraft carrier "Ulyanovsk".

First aircraft carrier "Kiev" built in 5 years under director Boris CSY Gankevich and passed in 1975. But the factory workers did not know that they are building an aircraft carrier, as the project was partly classified, and it appeared, that ship No aircraft carrier and anti-submarine. And only in 1977, anti- ship renamed the aircraft carrier. It was intended for landings MI-29 and SU-27. In the first landing of the Su-27 aboard the aircraft carrier was made on November 1, 1989. It was aircraft carrier "Kuznetsov".

In the movie, there are stories and present veterans shipbuilding, among which Igor Ovdienko, John Winnick, Valery Babich, Oleg Hotlubey and others.

Film Length — 35 min.

Create studio "Nikofilm" in monetary support charitable foundation "Nikolaev — 2000."

Director: Bayram Hajiyev

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