We wish the war — and right at the moment

We want war - and nowThe real mercenary army on the content of Arab autocrats, designed to overthrow the government of the Arab countries — is untainted, uncomplicated model of regime change, with all the American rhetoric about "democracy" and "freedom"

This idea came to me deeply NIGHT MODE in the skies over Siberia on a flight from Moscow to Beijing, China (BRIC BRIC?) And do not leave me.

What did the hell is wrong with these Arabs?

Maybe own drug effect had ever dreaded F terminal of Sheremetyevo Airport, as if transported from the Brezhnev era gulag. Maybe it's in anticipation of the news of the joint Russian-Chinese naval exercises planned for the end of April.

Perhaps this is another example of that "you can take out the guy with the Near East, but can not be derived from the Middle East Man"?

All the matter in the Istanbul meeting of Friends Syria (Fools in the name of war?). Imagine for yourself, as the minister of foreign affairs of Saudi Arabia Saud al-Faisal, who seems to have pricked up their cause ecstasy at the Municipal Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, hot proves that the Saudi ruling house, this model of democracy, "shall" to arm the Syrian "revolutionary" opposition .

And imagine for yourself how al-Faisal requested an immediate cease-fire from the government of Bashar al-Assad, blame — for the views of the Saudi royal house — not only in the violent repression, and the sins against humanity.

No, it was not a Monty Python sketch.

To make sure that it came from a cow to milk a suitable, Al-Faisal added that the Cooperation Council of the Gulf (GCC) — or rather "counter-revolutionary club of the Persian Gulf" — wants to deepen the matter with the United States. Translation if you need it? US-GCC Union is preparing to roll on Iran, as evidenced by arming the Syrian "rebels".

After all, for the Saudi royal house, and Qatar (the other members of the GCC — just extras) what is happening in Syria, concerns not Syria, but only and only Iran.

This is especially true in Saudi promises to fill the global oil market additional volumes of fuel, which, as is clear though what self-respecting oil analyst of the market, they do not have — or, more precisely, they do not take advantage, in the end, the Saudi royal house of great need the highest oil prices, that bribing people troubled eastern province, dare to talk about it some of the "Arab Spring."

Clinton has received a promise from the Saudi royal house in person, before landing in Istanbul. The Pentagon gave a return gift: GCC countries will soon be protected from the "evil" of Iran anti-missile "shield" the South American production. It should be recognized, in the sense that in 2012, an attack on Iran, it seems, has been canceled, but, of course, seen as a "variant" in 2013.

Asian countries — particularly members of the BRIC China and India — will continue to take crude oil from Iran, the problem is that it is not clear how to proceed European poodles. Other real difficulties lie in the fact that the Kurds derive their oil off the market until such time as Baghdad will not pay them a share of which they have agreed. In the end, there is Syria, mining 400,000 barrels a day, although in the last few months, the volume is reduced.

But for the U.S., the Saudis will continue to play the oil scenario for all its implausibility, as long as Washington insists Euro Union countries obedient and very wary of Asians in the fact that they are not appropriate to continue to take Iranian oil.

But here arises in Istanbul, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, whose power is a direct consequence of the South American invasion and devastation of his country, and makes a stunning statement:

Here are his words:

"We are against the supply of guns [Syrian rebels] and the process of overthrowing the [Assad], since this will lead to an even greater crisis in the region … These countries [Qatar and Saudi Arabia] is a very unusual position … They call for the supply of weapons, and not to the cease-fire, and they need to hear our voice: we are opposed to arm whoever that may be, and against foreign intervention … We are against the interference of some countries in Syria's internal affairs, and those countries that intervene in the internal affairs of Syria, will not interfere in the internal affairs of any country … It's been a year, and the regime has fallen and will fall — and why should he fall? "

Maliki knows very well what is going and widening the process of arms Syrians, many of whom are Salafis and jihadists inevitably affect Iraq and the government will be the danger of the Shiite majority. This holds true regardless of the fact that his administration supports a tight fit between the case Iran and Syria.

By the way, in the fall of 2010 Maliki remained in power thanks to the rapid intervention of Tehran, which provide him with the support of the Sadrists. Dissatisfaction Maliki intensified by the fact that Qatar refuses to issue the Iraqi vice-president Tareq al-Hashemi, who is accused of organizing the sample prosunnitskogo municipal coup in Baghdad.

How Green Was My jihadi plain

Because Washington is now enthusiastically doing a remix Afghan jihad of the 1980s, which, he knows every grain of sand from the Hindu Kush to Mesopotamia, has led to the emergence of phantom "Al-Qaeda ", and then — to the hapless" war on terror. "

The Saudi royal house and turned a motley mass of Qatar under the title "Free Syrian Army" in the army of mercenaries being on their content — has already spent about 100 million dollars, and this is not the limit. Is democracy not magical — when the friendly U.S. Gulf monarchies can buy for pennies an army of mercenaries? Is not it amazing — to be revolutionary for a guaranteed fee?

Not far behind them, and Washington, who created a fund to provide "humanitarian" aid Syria and "non-military" aid "rebels" (non-military aid contains a cutting-edge military satellite communications systems and night-vision goggles). Clinton presented the case so that this technique will allow "insurgents", "shy away" from the blows of the government troops. Not to mention the fact that now they have access to the South American intelligence derived from the drones that fly over Syria.

Maliki sees true to what grabber Sunni. The Saudi royal house organized invasion of Bahrain, where the majority of the population is Shiite, to defend a very unpopular ruling Sunni al-Khalifa dynasty — their own "cousins." Maliki knows that Syria after Assad will govern the movement of the Sunni "Muslim Brotherhood", dilute Salafi-jihadis. In his own worst horrors Maliki sees it as a probable anti-utopian future remix "Al-Qaeda" in Iraq, but only many times worse.

So that's what this orgy reincarnated "Friends of Syria", sitting in Istanbul: a shameless legitimizing Arabs allies of the U.S. civilian war in another Arab country. Victims will be ordinary Syrians, caught in the cross fire.

Supplies of weapons from the U.S. and GCC states one hundred percent obessmyslivaet peace plan of 6 points proposed by the UN special envoy to Syria, former Secretary General of the organization, Kofi Annan. The plan includes calls for a ceasefire, the withdrawal of government troops and seek a political solution by negotiation.

The cease
-fire will not. Assad government has adopted a plan. Rearmament "rebels" rejected it. Imagine for yourself that the Syrian government is beginning to withdraw troops at the time, as the hordes of rearmament "rebels" and mercenaries from Libya, Lebanon and Iraq continue to use the strategy of torture and install improvised explosive device.

After landing in Beijing, I rushed to find information about the future of Russian-Chinese naval exercises in the Sea of yellowish, but instead of it I came across an article by Henry Kissinger, placed in the Washington Post. Here are the words of Dr. K.:

"Arab Spring" was adopted as the present revolution carried out by the youth of the region in the name of liberal democratic principles. But in Libya came to power other forces, and now its hard to name the state. The same applies to Egypt, where most of the electoral support of Islamists (and, perhaps, this situation will remain permanently). It is unlikely that the Democrats prevail in the Syrian opposition.

In the League of Arab consensus on Syria is not formed states, known commitment to democracy or its protection. Faster it reflects the millennial conflict between Shiites and Sunnis, and Sunnis attempt to wrest power from the Shiite minority. That's why so many minorities — including the Druze, Kurds and Christians — are concerned about the prospect of regime change in Syria. "

Well, an expert on China, Dr. K. rights at least in this (he fully agreed with Maliki). The real mercenary army on the content of Arab autocrats, designed to overthrow the government of the Arab countries — is untainted, uncomplicated model of regime change, with all the American rhetoric about "democracy" and "freedom." We are talking about the traditional rule of "divide and rule" as applied to a confrontation Sunnis and Shiites.

And then the magic roast duck gave me a hint that the world is now in Washington titanium realpolitik Kissinger is not as respectable as before.

Pepe Escobar — creator of books "Globalistan: How globalized world dissolves into the watery war» (Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War, Nimble Books, 2007) and "Blues reddish zones: the recollection of Baghdad since" breakthrough »(Red Zone Blues: a snapshot of Baghdadduring the surge). His latest book — "Obama does Globalistan» (Obama does Globalistan, Nimble Books, 2009)

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