Weapons will equip the system identification of the owner

In the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and commissioned by the Industry and Trade Ministry have developed a system of control over the circulation of weapons that can identify the shooter from the photo, fingerprints and other biometric data. According to the newspaper "Izvestia" in reference to the system developer on condition of anonymity, if approved by the military-industrial commission, the system could be implemented within a year. According to the official publication, the system is a microchip with information about the direction that can be embedded in any pistol, rifle or machine gun. This chip will block the shot, if weapons, for example, took advantage of an outsider, or if the owner forbidden to use weapons. In addition, the chip will record any action with weapons, including fuel and mode of use of cartridges. The system is able to identify the shooter through a series of sensors mounted on the handle, trigger, sights and other parts of the weapon. However, according to the developer, the installation of the sensors is not planned. At the first stage, the system will only record information about vladeltse.Po information "Izvestia", the development of chips and sensors involved in the Central Scientific Research Institute of Radio Engineering named Berg (CRIRE), as well as several other research institutes. According to the speakers newspapers in the defense industry and law enforcement agencies, the implementation of the identification of weapons will not only help to simplify its account at the warehouses, but also help to control the trafficking of arms on the market. Possible costs of the system as it is installed on the weapon, is not specified. For example, factory modernization of one of the AK-74 c install Picatinny rails, ergonomic handle and telescopic buttstock is estimated at ten thousand. Installation of several sensors in each gun, in all probability, will be significantly more time consuming and costly. In addition, the sensors needed batteries, and the trigger — electronic locking system.

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