Weather in the capital spoiled witchcraft




In the last days of June in Moscow passed Congress shamans

Only the shaman can invoke the spirits of their ancestors.

Sanatorium near Moscow. Artem. Here, on the high bank of the gangways, complete scientific-practical conference "The sacred and the profane eyes of dealing." It holds for the fourth consecutive year the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences with the support of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies USA. Come scientists, shamans and the curious from around the world. Instead of diamonds around the clock to beat, "sorcerers" staged seminars, "round tables" and meetings. Poshamanil only one of the last few days. Or rather — pokamlanili: to communicate with spirits.

Tsyndyma Rabdanova — Shaman of the 12th tribe kind Huase. In the world just a dentist. Special guest for the ritual translator of Oginski autonomous region Dugar Batobolotov — a practicing physician reflexologist. He is one of the few who understand the ancient Buryat dialect spoken by the ancestors of Tsyndymy. And that will say she went into a trance.

To the sound of the tambourine Tsyndyma takes a few sips of vodka and milk gradually "flies". She is sitting on the ground with his legs crossed. The head is inclined to the ground. Lips frantically whispering something. And suddenly a voice Tsyndymy changes beyond recognition. This is not the voice of a young woman, and the old woman's muffled whisper. But as the translator explains, it turns out, the voice-grandparents Tsyndymy in the seventh generation. Dugar invites volunteer. And I have decided to go shaman from the crowd of onlookers.

— Do you have a question for the spirit? — She asks a perfectly normal voice.

— I want to know why I do not have kids? — I asked a long time ago worrying me a question.

Tsyndyma applies a tambourine to my stomach again and whispers something wildly.

— You were born in the North. You do not have enough wind energy. Sick leg and right kidney — translates Dugar. — You have three years to go back home to the North and to pray.

Frankly, I was impressed. In fact, I was born in Arkhangelsk. A rheumatic legs suffer not only me, but my mother and grandmother …

The rite is coming to an end. Voice of the shaman becomes quieter — Tsyndyma very tired. Stick with small bells she beats herself on the body, driving spirit. Removes a cap that covers the face, gets up and starts walking around. Her left foot is turned inwards. As well as once her ancestor whose spirit is aroused. Tsyndyma sits on the bench, her face contorted with pain and fatigue. It gradually removes ceremonial clothing. But to instill the spirit of not letting Tsyndymu. She is very bad. Beads of sweat running down her face. Translator asks everyone present to turn away. A few more minutes of exciting Tsyndyma rebounding.

— The complexity of this technique is that the shaman is immersed in a very deep trance — explains the director of the "Center for the Study of Shamanism and other traditional beliefs and practices" at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology Valentine Kharitonov. — The spirit of the shaman himself out of the body before the moment of introduction. It is present nearby and watches as the body is the spirit of a long-dead ancestor. In this case, the shaman is changing plastic. He gets to look like his ancestor and working with patients. For the spirits of the ancestors — the experience of generations and the knowledge that belonged to the ancient.

Check may be neodinochnym. The body of a shaman can consistently take a few spirits. Sometimes they do not want to leave. And this is the most difficult situation. As we have seen, Tsyndyma tried to stop the session, but other spirits, too, would like to move into it.

— And it's not you accidentally messed up the weather in Moscow? — I asked Tsyndymy goodbye.

She gazed at the darkening clouds and said,

— Perhaps, because our energy reaches the heavens. Here's leave, and you get better weather.

Elena Churakova.
Photo by Boris Ermakova. June 28, 2004

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