What is better 31st 30th?

Company's true that Alexander Lukashenko has changed birthday on August 30 on the 31st? How is this connected with the birthday of leader of the country's youngest son Kolya? That mention the celebration of the birth of Alexander Lukashenko people that occasionally worked with him? Does the law change birthdays?

The text of "Biography" on the official site Alexander Lukashenko now states that he was born a day later than previously thought still, — August 31, 1954. Other official sources have not been able to change the date of birth of the head of Belarus.

A source in the Administration of the President BelaPAN explained: Mother Alexandra Lukashenko admitted to the hospital on August 30 evening, but gave birth to him in the night from the 30th to the 31st of August. "In 50 years in the rural hospitals, of course, none of the stopwatch was not standing and exact time of birth were noted. Newborn and recorded on August 30, the date of receipt pregnant woman to the hospital," — said the source.

"Since the president is comfortable with this holiday, it did not attach a value to it before the birth of the youngest son, Nicholas, who was born Aug. 31, — said the source. — And after the birth of President Nicolas became interested in the details of his mother's birth and found that actually celebrate birthday should be August 31, "- said a source in the Administration.

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