What memories this summer?

"What you will remember, Mr. Vladimir this summer?"

I like the saying that the summer — it's a little life.

In my current "small life" was not lots of external events. However, the main event, as you know, the place in my heart, in my heart, in mind.

Over the summer, I have to finish the course of his children's book "Where are our family." Her last edition ended with a story about the BNR. But before I tell you about her new heroes, we must mention one episode from student days.

At the time, our history department of BSU held the 5th and 6th floors of the main university building. The windows looked out just at Government House. There, on the facade of the two times a year — on the eve of May 1 and November 7 — hitched a huge portraits of members of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

Soviet history has taught us Jadwiga Naumenko, wife of People's Writer of Belarus Ivan Naumenko. Her lectures devoted to Russian history in the XV-XVII centuries, but then they are also called "the history of the USSR."

Jadwiga Pavlovna was a woman of monumental, thoroughly and meticulously. At the end of each lecture, she wondered whether there questions. Then one day, just when in front of our windows were hung above mentioned members, someone asked whose portrait is far left.

Ms. Jadwiga floated majestically to the window and gazed for a long time there by hand, and then ceremoniously said, "Sorry, it's not my period …"

Grasp the new sections of the book, namely, in our history of the twentieth century (in my view, for Belarusians it began March 25, 1918 and still runs), I quickly remembered Jadwiga Pavlovna. The inner voice is whispering that "it is — not my time." And he whispered so hard and earnestly, that I decided to throw the manuscript in the loft but better write a sequel to "Polotsk stories."

For inspiration came to Polotsk and dived into the lake Lyuhava favorite. I do not know what caused the time of the race. Can be made the business genius of the place. Can be tickled in the desired zone thence mermaid … But in his native Minsk aviary I returned with quite a different speaker. I mean the inner voice.

Now he evasively whispered to me that should someone available to small words to tell readers about the things of which they are virgin soul lovingly cherished. On Belarusization 1920. On glorified broken Kupala collective "happiness." On the "black sheep" and Kurapaty. On why the names are so similar and Hatyn Katyn. On the Union of Belarus and the Belarusian patriots Artisan. On the construction of a "bright future — communism," which began and ended khalyavnyy bread with mustard in the dining rooms. About Masherova times when our cities have closed last Belarusian schools, but residents of the Byelorussian SSR had sausage (which, by the way, has always refused to eat our cat village aunt will).

Not my period metaphysical way became a close and interesting.

My heroes were Larissa Heniyush and Minsk doctor in 1970 put his little unhappy patients awful diagnosis — "Belarus speech." I dreamed Janka Filistovich and Rostislav Lapitsky. I spoke with Vladimir Korotkevich and Vasil Bykov …

Book up to still do not let go. Compared with the previous version is increased three times. But now, the case took an artist.

So that's got the summer — a century-long.

Vladimir Orlov. While flying boom

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