What will be the upcoming winter in Europe?

European countries have already experienced the first signs of winter. And it goes on the offensive. Small outbreaks of cold weather comes from Siberia will be celebrated in the west and in the center of continental Europe in the middle of winter and closer to spring, and the south of Spain, south-eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Basin expect storms. 

Winter temperature is below standards will be observed in countries such as the UK. Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal. But the weather service assure that such severe and prolonged winter, like last year, Europe is unlikely to happen again, this is very good, because in January and February 2012 from hypothermia killed hundreds of people.
Scandinavian countries and Ireland can expect a mild winter with a slight bias towards lower normal range. But south of the country due to the temperature of sea water is higher than average, can confidently expect an anomalously warm and mild winter. These conditions will promote the emergence of a very storms with heavy rains. The increased amount of rainfall is expected in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and the countries previously part of Yugoslavia.
To the south of Spain and Italy, for Balkan excess rainfall will only benefit, as they can not recover from the summer drought, strongly zadevshey farming region, especially grapes. This winter, there will be almost no snow, except in the French Riviera, which is the exception rather than the rule.
Lovers of winter sports associated with mountains, is a perk, as in the Alps and in the Pyrenees, and the Balkans expected heavy snowfall above normal and rather cold weather, the snow lasted long.

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