Where to get teachers of foreign languages?

With the new school year, Belarusian students will spend more time in the study of foreign languages in mainstream schools instead of two lessons per week will be three. Besides, this is not divided into classes into two groups, and three. School or prepared for such changes, where to find teachers for the extra hours, what textbooks are studying foreign languages in schools?

About the latest changes became known two weeks before the start of the school year — a decree of Ministry of Education number 94 appeared on August 10.

Head of the Ministry of Education Yuri Gladkov said that it is difficult to say how many teachers do not have enough:

"From the seats forward the information on Friday it should do. Then we will see the true picture. Let's get out of the situation, of course, those teachers that we have in stock. "

Reporter"And why the decision came so late — only in August? And such significant changes. Schools are not prepared, it turns out? "

Gladkov"You look for the positive in it. And you are asking questions that turn up some negative. Teachers are happy. "

The problem — where to find so many teachers — fell by principals. Following the latest reform, the transition of schools from 12 to 11-year system a lot of language teachers was cut.

Inspector Maladzechna District Board of Education Mrs. Natalia spoke about current innovations:

"A new curriculum, foreign language — 3 lessons a week instead of electives reduced. And there were 2 lesson. And the division into groups as: 12 people — 2 group and 25 — 3. With teachers — a problem. They load "off scale" because so urgently teachers will not get anywhere Therefore, the load on the 35 — 36 hours per teacher. By half to two stakes. "

We'll have to work on Saturday, and still not vkladessya: from 7 — 8 lessons every day — it's unreal.

In rural schools in general the situation is catastrophic, said coach Pyatigorsk School District Beshenkovichi George Stankevich:

"If earlier the teacher worked for two or three schools, but now he can not physically tear, it should work only in one school. Last year I had 18 hours, 27 this year, I close all hours. And in other schools where no teachers are likely to invite retirees may look for some other options. I also suggested in another school work, but I can not physically. We'll have to work on Saturday, and still not vkladessya: from 7 — 8 lessons daily — it's unreal. "

In the capital's public schools as a problem, some are still not ready for disposition in foreign languages. It is difficult to find a room — now is not the classes are divided into two groups, and three to the same instead of three lessons a week now mandatory four, plus electives. The focus now is not recommended to do on grammar, and vocabulary and speaking.

What textbooks Belarusian schoolchildren learn, ask the Head of the School of Education Yuri Gladkov.

Reporter"I remember at the press conference, Minister Radkov said that the foreign language will also go to the Belarusian textbooks."

Gladkov"We are well on the way."

Reporter"But now the teacher is recommended to use English books."

Gladkov"As additional material they can use whatever you like. Some teachers, some use "

Reporter"But Belarus is specially prepared textbooks. What did the Ministry of Education recommends? "

Gladkov"In the near future will come out recommendations for the study of foreign languages, taking into account all the organizational changes. They are now preparing Linguistic University. "

In addition, two years in the schools of Belarus will be introduced compulsory exam in a foreign language.

According to the Ministry of Education, in the last academic year, 75% of Belarusian students have studied English, about 20% — German, 4.5% — French or Spanish. Last year, 600 children studied Chinese language.


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