Which rejected a bribe of 45 million rubles Moscow traffic cop encourage Prize

MOSCOW, March 29 — RIA Novosti.Refused the bribe of 45 million rubles Moscow traffic police officer will encourage gratitude and 100 thousand rubles, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the press service of the Interior Ministry of around Moscow.

It became known yesterday that police have detained a man in Moscow, which, according to law enforcement, offered a high-ranking employee of the Metropolitan Traffic Police for 45 million rubles illegally legalize a large shipment of trucks. A police officer reported the tempting offer superior. On Wednesday, in an attempt to transfer 100 thousand rubles a suspect was arrested.

"Metropolitan Traffic Police officer, who refused the bribe of 45 million rubles will be encouraged gratefully Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow and a prize of 100,000 rubles," — said the press service.

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