Who are they — the children Belarusian independence?

Society, however, this is an important date has another look. Over these 20 years uzgadavalasya new, the very first generation of independent Belarusians.

Their grandparents remember the postwar famine, Belarusian schools and space flight of the first cosmonaut Gagarin. Their parents were afraid of a nuclear world war and survived Chernobyl and perestroika …

In 1990, was born about 140 000 children.

Generation of twentysomethings: Step on the future

Now they are under 20. They will always be peers of the state. Very soon will hold a presidential election in which the first vote by those who were born and grew up in independent Belarus.

Obviously very different, they feel different, they had the uneasy historical destiny. But defend ourselves and to others the right to go their own way, hitting prudence and optimism.

"Sixteen years of domination Lukashenko — it's a nightmare"

Their lives were and are:

  • referendum in 1994 and the "milk war" with Russia
  • pager and Apple iPad
  • Belarusian-language education and the abolition of centralized testing
  • President Lukashenko and Kalinouski
  • summer vacation in the area and Tolochin Work and travel USA
  • T-shirt from the "dawn" and "Teranovy"
  • Ming concerts "NRM" and "Rammstein"

Independent youth — voice of a generation of Liberty

Up to this point everything: parents, teachers, and the country was convinced that they know better than these "children" and therefore decide their destiny in accordance with their ideas about life and the world. But who actually can speak on behalf of this generation?

These guys are just better than we know what people are going after them. The fact that teenagers try to hide from their parents, and what these same parents never pay attention, see and understand a little bit older boys, who themselves will soon become parents. Twenty-year forecasts that up to future generations depend largely on personal experience and the desire to look good at any cost. But the main hope for the future of today's young men lay on a truly independent of the Belarusians. So who's next?

Hardly anyone will specifically examine how twentysomethings come to this presidential election, and what kind of choices they make. But obviously, that Belarus already taken a big step up from the Soviet past, but that's where, in what direction, the direction — try to answer the this issue together with our twenties, together with the generation of freedom …

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