Who organized the explosion on Republic Day, here set my hand

September 2 at the Internet there was a statement in which the responsibility for the accident on the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk take the anarchists who call themselves members of the organization "Friends of Freedom". On the night of August 31, unknown persons threw two Molotov cocktails into the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk. As a result, burned ambassadorial "Mazda". No one is hurt. Belarusian police opened a criminal case under article "hooliganism." And now the anarchist community "Friends of Freedom" has claimed responsibility for the attack on a diplomatic mission.

In a statement, representatives of the community, "Friends of Freedom" reads: "We express our anger and protest against the arrests and repression of social activists who stood up to defend the Khimki forest in Moscow" (..) "It is ridiculous to read the reviews and discussions about stocks on internet forums. We are all equally ugly mafia Maples under the names of "the rulers of the Republic of Belarus" and "the rulers of Russia. '"

Moscow authorities had to build the route Moscow — St. Petersburg through the forest in Khimki near Moscow. Was opposed by residents of the city, supported by various public organizations of Russia.

The representative of the movement to protect the Khimki forest Andrew Margulya argues that the movement has nothing to do with the anarchists of the "Friends of Freedom":

"I think this is the most obvious provocation. I am willing to believe that the glass in the Khimki administration broke anti-fascists as a sign of support for our movement. This I can not believe it. But this action is, in my opinion, this is a pure provocation. "

"Freedom" has tried to reach the authors of the letter to the proposals to be interviewed. We sent an email to the address listed on the website. The answer came quickly: "Since we can not be contacted."

One of the members of the anarchist movement in Belarus on condition of anonymity, said:

Such an action for anarchists — natural. But the first time I heard the name of this group.

"Such an action for anarchists — natural. In theory, this could be. But the first time I heard the name of this group of "Friends of Freedom". And the name is probably irrelevant. Again, I do not know what this group. In general, among anarchists is not accepted to organize any group. This may be young men who wanted to romance. But it can be"Substituting". Why not? '

Meanwhile Representatives of the Ministry of Interior claim that the investigation was developing a hypothesis about the involvement of anarchists in the attack on the Russian Embassy.

Interfax source in the Interior Ministry emphasizes: "In the investigation of criminal cases are processed all the most probable version, all the information that goes. This version will be practiced investigative means. "

A former employee of the central office of the Interior Ministry, a retired major Vladimir Kozulin commented on the incident around the Russian Embassy and the investigation of the case is not professional, but from a political point of view:

"Who organized the explosion on Republic Day, here set my hand. The perpetrators may be less than the court. But all can guess who it is. "

September 1 Alexander Lukashenko said he did not rule out the involvement of the Russians themselves to the event around the diplomatic representation:

"With regard to the prosecution of this fast reaction from the Russian, then I start to think, to whom it should be? (…) We need it was the turn of the propaganda films? Well, any way we do not have to (…) This accusatory tone heralds the Kremlin indicates, that law enforcement agencies need to take a close look at this incident. "

On a former policeman Vladimir Kozulin said, in effect, that the words of the head of state and the fantasy does not always correspond to reality.


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