Wild boar attack from the sea Mariupol

In the vicinity of Mariupol, Donetsk region appeared wild boars. They were seen on the coast Belosarayskoy spit in the Sea of Azov, which is referring to the employees of a local boarding reports ilich.in.ua.

"Walking along the coast, we noticed in the water about 200 meters from the shores of a strange creature. When it swam closer, completely failed to see it, but we clearly looked shaggy gray back and head. To look at the animal was the size of 1.5-2 meters, "- said one of the witnesses Svetlana Karpenko.

Her colleague Lyudmila Golenderskaya added: "The animals were kept above water long muzzle and it seemed that it swims breaststroke. We were shocked and watched the creature for as long as it was out of sight. "

The riddle of the strange woman swimmer helped unravel the local fishermen. They explained that the wild boar, which packs swim long distances.

Previously reported that in the five districts of Donetsk region noted locusts. Invasion registered Maryinskiy, Volnovakha, Pervmayskom, Starobeshevo Telmanovsky areas and a total area of 70 hectares. Single specimens of locusts also found in Mariupol. It was noted that the sources of infestation in the region recorded the last three years, due to the hot weather.

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