Will the Keeper of Time part of the elite of world cinema?

Will the "Keeper of Time" part of the elite of world cinema?Last year's picture Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese was hot recognition of the audience. Plank of its 170 millionth of the budget has been overcome in the initial phase steel in the first few weeks. "Keepers of Time" were delighted critics, and of the eleven possible "Oscars", which was nominated for Scorsese's film in 2012, have won five.

Moreover, without the award covers almost every work of director (award "Golden Globe"), nor the work of production designer or audio (British Academy Award). Painting «Hugo» (original title such offspring Scorsese), according to the U.S. National Council critics, was the best of the works of world cinema in 2011.

Highest rated "Keeper of Time" is easily explained. Special attention should be fine acting star of the filmAsa Butterfield, Chloe Grace Moretz, Christopher Lee, Ben Kingsley, Frances de la Tour, Jude Law and Richard Griffiths — this is an incomplete list of the actors involved, some of them long known to the public for the "Harry Potter."

The award "Oscar" pattern operators work immerses the viewer in the atmosphere of Paris 1930 and realistically takes any part, whether interior library, view the subway station or clock.

Soundtrack and music of Canadian composer Howard Shore gorgeous, artfully woven with silver threads in the fabric pattern, they recreate the magical, mysterious atmosphere. Movie special effects, created by technology 3D, worthy of all praise. It is noticeable that the effects thought out, appropriate and fully embody the brilliant directorial vision, not simply exist apart from it.

The modern world-weary and very demanding public is becoming increasingly difficult to surprise. But the creation of Martin Scorsese managed to win the attention of moviegoers honed dynamic plot, moderation effects and a variety of other successful findings. Perhaps the film join the list the best movies of all time thanks in part to the soulful music, compelling performance of the actors, great plot and whole picture, the mystery and the beauty of the transmission event.

In the center of the picture gradually unfolding story is the boy Hugo. He spends time at the Paris train station, replacing his uncle watchmaker. Hugo's father died, leaving him with a mysterious legacy — the robot automaton. Boy wants to repair mechanism automaton once knew how to write, hoping to get information about his father. Kaleidoscope of mysterious events captures the viewer's attention from the very first minutes of viewing.

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