Worked at the Lubyanka enemy transmitter

Worked at the Lubyanka enemy transmitter

Capital District Military Court yesterday sentenced to 18 years in prison 61-year-old colonel, retired FSB Valery Mikhailov. He was incriminated in the fact that from 2001 to 2007 year CIA agents passed thousands of hidden and very hidden documents that the FSB was preparing to manage the country. Spy earned on disk imaging over $ 2 million, pleaded guilty and repented initiative, though the tribunal declared him to 5 years more than the asking state prosecution. In general, according to "Kommersant" in prison convict Mikhailov may not linger: taking into account the value of the failed agent, the U.S. government will try to change it.

Reporters in the Capital District Military Court (MOVS) be allowed only on the disclosure of the operative part of the judgment. Then all was removed from the courtroom. Reading the entire sentence took about two hours. Coming out of the hall, the public prosecutor and lawyer Victor Rastorgouev defendant Alexey Tikhomirov refrained from further comment. A spokesman Ira MOVS Zhirnova said that the court found the defendant guilty Mikhailova treason and sentenced to a punishment of 18 years imprisonment in a penal colony and a fine of 500 thousand rubles. In addition, Valery Mikhailov stripped of his military rank of colonel in retirement, 70 medals and 60 of the Armed Forces of the USSR, and in commemoration of the 850th anniversary of Moscow. With all of this FSB badges for some reason he left. The Tribunal also decided to confiscate owned Mikhailov apartments with total area of over 300 square meters. m in Sebastopol, finding that they were purchased with the proceeds from the sale of the hidden documents. Between Russia and Ukraine signed a contract on the mutual recognition of judicial decisions, because problems with the confiscation of the property to appear as though it should not.

Note that in the course of the debate Rastorgouev prosecutor requested for the accused under Art. 275 (gosizmena through espionage) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Colonel 13 years and 4 months of serious prison regime. Tikhomirov lawyer requested a six-year term limit without confiscation, because his client admitted his guilt and repented initiative, has promoted the FSB to identify the American agents. But the tribunal, even taking into account the mitigating incidents proclaimed greatest Mikhailov almost time for this article of the Criminal Code — she anticipates 12 to 20 years in prison.

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As it became clear "Y", for this purpose at the military court had good reason. FSB officers investigating the case Mikhailova, and found that he voluntarily began collaborating with the CIA in Moscow since 2001. Receiving remuneration until 2007 he gave them more than a thousand copies of the documents that are classified as "secret" and "Most Secret" that the FSB was preparing for the president, the prime minister and the Russian Security Council. Flash with copies of the documents he had left in the recesses where they were taken agents. In 2007, when the FSB was found leaking disk imaging — according to some reports, managed to keep the Yankees, which took away documents from the cache — Mikhailov superannuation retired from service. By the time the counterintelligence failed for videos and other data to identify Mikhailov as a person who has made a bookmark in the cache, the one retaining Russian citizenship, coupled with the coming family moved to the United States, settling in the town of Arlington.

Mikhailov lure of the United States in Russia FSB succeeded only in 2010. September 7, he was detained in the capital's own apartment on Leninsky Prospekt. Once in jail, "Lefortovo" agent pleaded guilty and said that after 6 years of cooperation received from the CIA and cash in a bank account of more than $ 2 million, about $ 1 million he izderzhal, including real estate in Sevastopol and Arlington.

Lawyer Tikhomirov said that the decision to appeal the verdict or not, he'd take after consultation with the client. But according to "", Mikhailov, who was in the CIA considered one of the most successful agents of their own in recent years, more trust in the fact that the U.S. government will do so by any of Russian spies. Such precedents have already been. The most famous of them was the exchange in 2010, the participants failed in the U.S. network of Russian agents, one of them was Anna Chapman, for those convicted of spying for Russia. Through the exchange of freedom were former employees of the SVR and GRU Zaporozhye Alexander and Sergei Skripal who were serving 18 — and 13-year terms for the surrender of several hundred Russian agents abroad.

Thus now in exchange operation can be applied and those that are not related to espionage. For example, sentenced to 25-year sentence for trafficking tool Viktor Bout and pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, who was appointed 20 years in prison for conspiring to smuggle 5 tons of cocaine. At this point, as already reported, "b", the Attorneys General of the Russian Federation and the United States the possibility of their discussions are sent to Russia to serve his sentence, but if the parties do not agree upon, according to sources, "b", "may be offered other options."

U.S. officials still prefer not to comment on the verdict retired colonel Mikhailov. In response to "b" in the U.S. Department of Justice said that so far no information about the trial and can not assess the validity of the charges against Valery Mikhailov. The Central Intelligence Agency, in turn, refused to confirm or deny the fact of cooperation of former FSB officer with U.S. intelligence: "We usually do not comment on similar information."

At the same time, experts believe that a series of resounding spy trials in Russia (only in May this year in the Russian Federation have been sentenced for espionage officers of the General Staff and the Yekaterinburg FSUE "NPO Automation Academician Semikhatova") may be associated with the case of Russian businessman Viktor Bout . "The sudden burst of Russian counter-intelligence activity coincides with numerous statements of the Russian authorities that Viktor Bout to go back to Russia, — said the" Y "doctor the Royal Institute in the United States, Joseph Fitsanakis, specializing in the history of the secret services. — I believe that a similar exchange entirely possible. South American intelligence agencies have always declared that they do not throw their own current and former employees and are ready to do everything to assist themselves in failing agents and their families. The story of the Exchange 2010 only confirms this. "According to sovereign Fitsanakisa at the moment and the new spy scandal exchange "Very disadvantageous crisp white house." "But after the end of the presidential campaign in November of this year, such exchange fully may take place, "- he said.

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