World mourns the untimely deceased Chavez and the U.S. say, «Good riddance!»

World mourns the untimely deceased Chavez and the U.S. say,
«Many were crying …» Yesterday died Hugo Chavez. On his death, said the vice president, Nicolas Maduro, «Interfax». «We were in the hospital, where the president and received the heaviest announcements for our people. Our President Hugo Chavez died «- quoted Maduro« The New York Times ».

Venezuelan military commanders have declared allegiance to the vice-president and the parliament and called on people to remain calm.
Supporters of the «Furious» took to the streets of Venezuelan cities, dedicated to him holding placards and chanting: «Chavez — our president.»

«Many were crying, people looked at the sky and uttered words of gratitude» — the newspaper «The Telegraph» word Venezuelan journalist who was near the hospital when there were reports of the death of the president.

Remembering Hugo. On the death of Comandante write all world publications, report «News».

British newspaper «The Guardian» recalls social programm Comandante, which made him the most popular politician in the country, and maybe in all of Latin America.

«The fact remains that Chavez enjoyed by millions. Slum dwellers felt he was on their side, he is aware of their problems. Chavez won the free, though not always conscientious elections generously distributed funds for new clinics, literacy courses and social utilities that reduced poverty, strengthened the position of local councils opposed to George W. Bush over the war in Iraq, supported by local pride and confidence inside throughout Latin America, and he did it all charismatic and talented. «

Spanish «El Pais» writes:

«With the death of Chavez Latin America lost the 1st of the most influential and controversial politicians 2-decades. In addition, he was the favorite leftist populists, one of those figures, around which the whole movement, and now, after his death, a void in the movement, something which will need to fill. «

Two candidates. Agency «Reuters» (source of publication — «Inosmi») resulted in a small list of possible candidates for the presidency of Venezuela.

According to the constitution of Venezuela, elections must be held within 30 days. Nicolas Maduro may oppose Henrique Capriles Radonski.

Last bus driver, a member of the union of public transport in Caracas, the 50-year-old Maduro — a solid supporter of Chavez, former president himself elected as his successor. Occupying the post of minister of foreign affairs in the past 6 years, Maduro was a true «voice» of Chavez’s views, which often contained a constructive criticism of international relations from the perspective of political «left wing.» But he got the approval of foreign diplomats — at his own suave style.

Chavez announced Maduro Vice President in October of 2012. «See where our sent Nicholas, because he once worked as an ordinary bus driver, the bourgeoisie was mocked» — read Comrade Chavez.

A few hours before his death, Comandante Maduro accused «imperialist» enemies of Venezuela that is they infected the president.

Maduro is very popular in the midst of many poor Chavez supporters.

40-year-old Capriles — Governor of Miranda, the second population of the state in Venezuela. He — a graduate of the Law Faculty. Capriles became the youngest legislator in Venezuela (in 26 years), later defeated in the election of the mayor of the municipality of Caracas. In 2008 he became governor of Miranda.

At last year’s presidential election appeared Capriles as the candidate of the Democratic Unity coalition, consisting of more than 2-10’s parties and organizations — Venezuelan opposition. He lost, gaining 44% of votes. But this is the best result of the opposition in Venezuela.

This energetic governor known among the rest, and his trips to the slums — the bike. He looked over the works there and debated with voters from among the working class. During the election campaign, he visited hundreds of towns and villages, trying to make yourself a person’s style, anxious neuvvyazkami ordinary people of the country. There is a perception that Capriles purposely made style «under Chavez.» In the process of their own campaigns, he even had sent kisses and shook his fist in the «chavesovskom» style.

«Reuters» also reports that grandparents Capriles maternal bands Radonski fled from the Polish anti-Semitism at the end of the second world war. These people came to Venezuela with one suitcase with the clothes. Grandfather and great-grandmother died in Treblinka Capriles. «Think for yourself — some in the government of Chavez so ignorant that they call me a Nazi,» — stated Mr. Capriles.

According to Capriles, he become a favorite of Venezuela, he would have copied the Brazilian model «modern left-wing» in the economic and social policy.

Mr. Obama expressed no compassion. U.S. seeks to develop constructive relations with Venezuela and want to support democracy in the country, the statement said U.S. President Barack Obama on the death of a favorite Venezuelan Hugo Chavez, reports from Washington correspondent. RIA «Novosti» Maria Tobacco.

World mourns the untimely deceased Chavez and the U.S. say,

«In this difficult time after the death of President Hugo Chavez United States reiterates its support for the people of Venezuela and its intrigued by the development of a constructive relationship with the Venezuelan government. At this point, when Venezuela begins the latest chapter of their own history, the United States as before remain committed to supporting democratic principles, respect for law and human rights, «- said in a statement the U.S. president.

No hunting in such a sad day stay at the head of the South American human callousness. Suffice it to say that «the development of a constructive relationship with the Venezuelan government,» Washington, as before, sees a constant supply of oil: for about 15% of U.S. oil imports Venezuelan «black gold». During the reign of «Raging Hugo» Venezuela clearly fulfilled all the oil contracts with the United States. Obama’s words reiterate the most usual cynicism of American foreign policy, with a very mixed economy: energy and energy again (remember expressive sermon on the subject of Hillary Clinton). Especially since that «shale revolution» in the U.S. apparently postponed: supplies that are entrusted so much hope, «Saudi America» ​​were almost twice less than previously predicted. It became clear in the course of production.

As for the American parliamentarians, they in their own statements to perdition Hugo went to further the president.

«Chavez was a despot who forced Venezuelans live in fear … the better, good riddance!» As the correspondent. RIA «Novosti» Denis Voroshilov, U.S. congressmen met with animation news of the death of the president of Venezuela.

«Chavez was a despot who forced Venezuelans live in fear … the better, good riddance! Now U.S. business with this state have been possible, «- said in a statement the head of the international committee of the U.S. Congress House of Representatives Republican Ed Royce.

Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the former head of the committee, noted that after the death of Chavez Venezuelans «hope for the newest era of freedom and democracy.»

«It’s always with tyrants» — supported her another Republican Tom Cotton.

«Venezuela had the opportunity to alter the course, focusing on all the world (political) forces and civilian society. If the new government of Venezuela will support these principles, the country will face a bright future «, — said Joe Garcia.

«The Board of Hugo Chavez finished» — expressed «Twitter» Ben Nelson.

Note that to make such statements, relying on the development of «a constructive relationship with the Venezuelan government,» — top impudence. Do not be dependent on Caracas from oil, it would have severed all dealings with Washington.

In general, some act on the diplomatic front, Venezuela has already taken.

Elements out of Venezuela! Country expels 2-military attache of the U.S. Embassy with the wording «for his role in efforts to destabilize the situation.» The minister of foreign affairs of Venezuela Elias Hawa announced yesterday. We are talking about employees of the South American Embassy in Caracas David Del Monaco and Debline Kostale, said Foreign Minister in an interview «Venezolana de Televisión», reports Trend. ITAR-TASS Sergey Sereda.

A few hours earlier statements comrade Maduro expulsion 1st attache. Speaking at a cabinet meeting, he said: «This diplomat name is David Del Monaco, 24 hours later he had to leave Venezuela. Diplomatic note of already transmitted to the United States, which should withdraw their own military attache. «

According to Maduro, this South American diplomat «for several weeks doing guided contacts with the Venezuelan military to offer a plan to destabilize the country.» With all of this vice president warned: «We are on track and other elements.»

As correspondent recalls. ITAR-TASS, excellent trade relations between Venezuela and the United States contrasts with the cold political relations. In late 2010, the South American ambassador in Caracas was appointed Larry Palmer, who, after the approval of the members of Congress and declared low morale of the Venezuelan military and their links with the Colombian rebels. In response, Chavez said that «this will never be sovereign ambassador in Caracas.» Without waiting for agrement Mr. Palmer, Washington refused a visa to the U.S. Ambassador in Venezuela Bernardo Alvarez, who had to return home.

Hinder relations 2-states and economic sanctions that Washington applies in respect of oil and gas concern «Petroleos de Venezuela» punishable for economic ties with Iran.

The Future of Russian contracts in Venezuela. As the «Prime», the change of power in Venezuela can go dramatic scenario and complicate the situation for Russian companies operating there. So consider polled by «Prime» experts.

In late December, the head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin made a visit to Caracas, during which tried to consolidate earlier agreements. Participants in the «National Oil Consortium» (NOCs), which included Russian company are working on the block «Junin-6», provided that the operator of the project instead of «Gazprom Neft» becomes «Rosneft», in which the fraction of NOCs in January increased to 40% (at the expense of «Surgutneftegaz», left the project). Coupled with «TNK — BP», which buys «Rosneft», its fraction is 60%. Still 20% owned by NOCs «Lukoil» and «Gazprom Neft». «Rosneft» has also signed documents on the likely occurrence in a number of offshore projects in Venezuela, including gas. And agreements were signed in the field of hydropower.

Further, according to the forecast TSAMTO, Venezuela in 2012-2015 in the structure of Russian arms exports will be released on the second place after India with volume purchases 3.2 billion dollars.

Polled by «Prime» experts expressed the following views.

«In authoritarian countries who lost their favorite, the action is usually develop regardless of the presence of the opposition. If it does not, as in Libya, the country descends into chaos. In Venezuela, the opposition is, and it is fully competitive, as we confirmed by the results of the October presidential elections, «- said the manager of the Fund state energy Konstantin Simonov. In his view, a military coup is likely not going to happen, but the opposition may come to power.

Deputy director of the Institute of Latin American Academy of Sciences Vladimir Sudarev states: «Maduro in his convictions even more Left than Chavez, preaches» socialism of the XXI century «. If he comes to power, special gestures should not wait. Yes, both the opposition and supporting Chavez aggressive towards each other, a compromise is unlikely. «

Very possible struggle between supporters of anti-American positions Chavez and his opponents, sure CEO of the Institute for Public Power Sergei justice. «Our companies have to feel for yourself all the vicissitudes of the struggle, the worst one of which may be plainclothes war» — he said.

So Makar, the future Russian treaties seems uncertain professionals, if not — disturbing.

City in the desert. To combat with Syrian President South American government is ready to build entire town. This convinced journalists «Le Figaro», transmit «News».

According to the newspaper, the Pentagon ordered to build in the deserts of Jordan, the layout of the Community pt. South American commandos hold training there actions of the armed opposition.

Model Town consists of almost 70 buildings: there and the airport, and roads and sites for training in shooting, including — from anti-tank guns.

The fact that the U.S. is preparing to invade Syria, journalists do not hesitate: the situation very much resembles their preparations for operations in Pakistan, where bin Laden was killed.

Sanctions against Iran will not work. Diplomatic and economic sanctions, acting against Iran will not work. Expressed confidence in the head of Central Command (CENTCOM) U.S. Army Gen. James Mattis, speaking at a hearing before the Senate Committee on Armed Services of the Congress devoted to the discussion draft defense budget for 2014. Knows about it corr. ITAR-TASS Kirill Volkov.

Responding to a question 1st senator about being able to whether existing at that time against Iran sanctions prevent him from making a nuclear weapon, Mattis gave a negative answer, pointing out that the Iranian «nuclear industry continues to evolve.»

According to the General, in consultation with the Western powers on the nuclear program there, «Iran is trying to stall for time.»

Mattis said that he «fully supports the diplomatic isolation of Iran and the international community support grows» aimed at preventing Iran from getting nuclear arsenal. He also pointed out that, apart from open conflict, there are plenty of other methods to put pressure on Iran, but did not specify what.

The UAE has prevented a coup. About 100 people in the United Arab Emirates are accused in the preparation of municipal coup: judges, lawyers, teachers and students of the institute, reports Lena Gladkov («However») with reference to the «Bi-bi-si.»

For suspected anti-government propaganda used the media and social networks. UAE Attorney General stated that these people are «founded and ruled by organizations opposed to the fundamental principles of the system state and the UAE want to seize power.»

Some of those arrested were linked to Islamist organization «Al-Islah», which in almost all countries banned as a terrorist. Disk imaging on the UAE authorities, «Al-Islah» connected with «the Muslim Brotherhood.»

Representatives of the organizations claim that were set to «peaceful change.»

Yevgeny Satanovsky, president of the Institute Near East, says:

«If we mean by» Arab Spring «Islamist coups that a pretty huge Wahhabi emphasis demolished permanent regimes in the Arab world, why should it be circumvented United Arab Emirates? The main players in the Arab revolutions and uprisings that we currently look around the world, it is Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Saudi Arabia is patronized by the Wahhabi movement, Qatar motions close to the «Muslim Brotherhood.» Those who are presently arrested in the UAE — this is just the representatives of «the Muslim Brotherhood.» That will continue in the UAE — is impossible to predict. «

Yau Yau against. The armed forces of South Sudan started to counter-insurgency operations under the control of warlord David Yau Yau reports «,» quoting «Reuters».

During clashes in the town of Pibor Kongkong have killed at least 28 supporters Yau Yau. The operation lasts. Cattle drovers advised not to disperse across the plains, and stay nearby rivers, where they can count on protection.

«Tape» recalls that Yau Yau raised a rebellion against the government of South Sudan in 2010. His men foraged raids on local pastoralists: old guys and nomads they kill, ladies and kids steal into slavery, and the cattle are stolen and sold. Rebels armed with machine guns, machine guns, bows and arrows, spears and knives.

By the way, human rights organizations say that the army does not behave much better the rebels inhabitants complain robbery, rape and murder of unarmed committed by armed forces.

Britain displays its own fighter from Germany. The reason — the crisis. This was stated by Dmitry Semushin, European columnist IA «REGNUM».

British newspaper «Guardian» published an article on the withdrawal from Germany 11 thousand British soldier in 2016. British troops are on the ground in Germany since the end of World War II. They constitute a group that bears the title at the moment «British Forces Germany», BFG.

British Defense Minister Philip Hammond announced an accelerated withdrawal of his subordinates within 3 years. For quartering them on the British Isles would require provisions to 1 billion. £.

BFG is concentrated in the former British occupation zone in the north of Germany in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. On August 2012 in Germany Tipo were 21,500 British soldiers and officers and about 40 thousand households and their civilian service personnel. Initially, the Ministry of Defence of England offered to withdraw all British troops from Germany by 2020. But this plan, proposed in 2010, had to be revised due to the forthcoming defense budget cuts due to the financial crisis.

F. Hammond believes that 11 thousand British soldier to leave Germany in 2016, and the remaining 4.5 thousand to return to his homeland in 2019.

Secreted economical billion pounds anticipates financing the construction of family homes in 1900 and 7800 separate apartments in the house. Additional £ 800 million will go to finance the reconstruction of existing military bases, which are transferred units from Germany.

Explosions, blood and the junta? Konstantin Kherroubi («Voice of Russia») said the situation in Greece. One unnamed Greek retired diplomat gave media interviews in which promised that the army of Greece will not interfere with the likely mess, which may result from the financial situation in the country. But not all believe in it.

«Very soon we will have a real splash riots. All are often heard explosions, bloody demonstrations will «- said in an interview with the English edition of« The New Statesman »Leonidas Khrisantopolos. This prominent Greek diplomat, managing the entry of Greece into the European Union, has given to understand that the economic crisis in Greece has a chance to grow up in civilian war.

Despite the crisis, the military does not troubled Greece: so far they have at their disposal two percent of GDP. In January 2013 there was information that among NATO members Greece more on defense squandered U.S. only. Spending on the army in Greece was 9.5 billion euros. Moreover, the military hopes that they will be given around 6 billion for the purchase of new fighter «Eurofighter», 2-German submarines and four French frigates. It turns out that Germany and France require monetary discipline of the Greeks, on the other hand, serve it «gold» program from rearming.

But not all experts believe that satisfied the military remain on the sidelines if the situation begins to spiral out of control government. The fall of 2012, Defense Minister Panos Panayotopulos already denied rumors that senior officers prepared an armed coup. English Portal publication March 2, has suggested that the word Chryzantopoulos intended «to the public», and in fact in Greece could come to power brand new military junta, like the «black colonels», who ruled Greece from 1967 to 1974 years.

«Voice of Russia» recalls that in February in Greece had a record unemployment rate — 27 percent. It is predicted that in 2013 the country’s economy will shrink by 4.5%, despite the measures economical savings and loans from the EU member states. The country does not stop rallies and strikes.

Impeachment Czech president. Czech Senate to impeach the country’s outgoing president Vaclav Klaus. The politician was accused of treason for his declared amnesty in January. This was stated by Senator Jiri Kubera, transmits the «Voice of Russia».

For the prosecution of Mr. Klaus senator voted 38 against 30 votes were cast. Total in the upper house of the Czech parliament meets 81 legislator.

This decision of the Senate has a symbolic character: Klaus because in any case leave the presidency, which takes ex-prime minister Milos Zeeman, his inauguration will be held on March 8.

Yet, impute blame President declared unsuccessful amnesty by which prisoners were released, many offenders are unsafe, the fact that he is not so far signed an addendum to the Lisbon Agreement, comprising the institutional reform of the European Union. Finally. president almost a year not appoint an arbitrator to the Constitutional Tribunal, than «seriously jeopardize» its activities.

If the COP recognizes the charges against Klaus fair, past president will be stripped of all possible benefits: pension of 50 thousand euros (up 2.5 thousand dollars) per month, such as amounts for office expenses and the Secretary-free right to use a motor vehicle, and armed protection.

About translations on labels. Ukrainian government permitted duplicate labels with Ukrainian text on product labels to the Russian and other regional languages. The relevant resolution adopted on Mon cabinet transmit «Vesti» citing ITAR-TASS.

Now traders will be able to complement the products Ukrainian text translation into a language that is prevalent in regions of implementation.

Friend and a foe. As told Lena Gladkov («However»), the inhabitants of Russia one of the most friendly countries for their own country consider Belarus. Specifically, this was the answer 70% of Russians during bilateral perception studies Russia and Poland from other countries and their peoples.

Not less than with Belarus, Our homeland is friends with Germany — 70%, slightly less with China — 66%, Slovakia — 63%, France — 62% and the Czech Republic — 61%.

In the ranking of the enemies of Russia lead the U.S. — 63%, followed by Lithuania — 59%. Incidentally, Poland recognizes the U.S. a friend (68%), and of Lithuania also considers peaceful.

As for the countries participating in the survey, it takes our homeland Poland’s position in relation to for themselves as «more welcoming» (39%) — compared to 17% by the Poles.

Policy of Ukraine, both countries are equally estimated at approximately 51% of Russians and 50% of Poles consider it friendly.

Tajiks can begin to work closely with the Netherlands. Galim Faskhutdinov («Voice of Russia») said that the Tajik newspaper «Press Digest» invited the authorities of the republic latest export article. The fact that journalists are advised to fill the state budget hemp exports to those countries where marijuana is allowed — for example, in the Netherlands.

Cannabis is to Tajikistan from Afghanistan. Over the past year alone, Tajik narcotics police seized about 5 tons of cannabis. Journalists figured: ashes product was turned almost 6 million bucks. Creators article wondered — not it be better to try to get revenue by exporting marijuana seized in the country where it is legal.

But experts did not appreciate the idea, said special Center for Strategic Research under the President of Tajikistan works Vafo Niyatbekov: «This is an absurd idea. How can I sell confiscated drugs? Another thing to use seized cannabis medical purposes — for the production of pharmaceuticals. Sell ​​the same for the upcoming seized cannabis use as a drug — it’s nonsense. «

According to the Tajik drug police in recent years, cannabis has become more popular than all other types of drugs. The fact that 22 Afghan provinces refused feeding opium and defected to expand cannabis plantations. According to professional Agency for Drug Control under the President of Tajikistan Yuri Chkalov, Afghanistan last year became naikrupneyshim cannabinoid drug manufacturer in the world.

Afghan affairs. Hindu Kush Afghan province these days are visited two prominent Western policy: NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and the head of the German Defense Ministry Thomas de Mezieres. The visit: specify details of action on the eve of the Western coalition withdrawal and after. This was told Oleg Severgin («Voice of Russia»), referring to news agencies.

During visits, according to German media reports, emerges another reason — the promise of the German minister to «liberate» the coming fall elections to the Bundestag from the Afghan theme. As said previously de Mezieres, he wants to agree in advance with the opposition and to provide the public plan withdrawal of the Bundeswehr with the Hindu Kush.

I saw a posting in «Tageszeitung» article-independent co-chairman of an international research organization dilemmas Thomas Ruttig Afghanistan, the governments of the West conceive of «playing with numbers» to embellish the real situation. ISAF and the control is not troubled reconciliation of data with the main NATO ally — the United States. If it reports a decrease in 2012, the number of attacks by militants to 6 percent, the Pentagon says about their growth by 1 percent. In addition, to reduce the background of the victims in the midst of civilians killed in the midst of an increasing number of municipal officials.

The creator of the German personal home initiative «Helping children of Afghanistan» Dr. Reinhard Ayres sees the various nuances of security in the Hindu Kush: «Security for NATO fighter became noticeably better. Became noticeably less dead and the wounded. In the last year or two has become a much worse situation of local soldier and police. Security is in the general population — and this includes crime, kidnapping, corruption, and the similar — all these aspects of life for the population, regardless of the fighters and NATO have become worse. «

How do Afghan banks. Two founder naikrupneyshgo in Afghanistan Bank «Kabul» Khalilulla Feruza and Sher Khan Farnood received 5 years bullpen on fraud charges with the means of monetary institutions, reports «,» referring to the «BBC News».

The court considered the matter, declared those two penalties in the 530 and 288 million dollars. Together with the founders of the bank time received two 10-ka its employees (most of them are on the run).

Bank «Kabul» went bankrupt in 2011 after the disappearance of its accounts with redundant 900 million dollars (about 5 percent of Afghanistan’s GDP). It had to do with the machinations of the most senior Afghan bureaucrats.

This bank gave large loans to a select group of persons requiring no guarantees payment. These funds were transferred to different accounts abroad, and sometimes cash aircraft exported to the local airline.

Specifically through the «Kabul» Afghan government paid any state employees, including the army and police. The collapse of the bank could cause political consequences. In order to save him, needed the help of international donors. Return loans that Kabul handed senior Afghan and companies owned by them, are unlikely to fail.

The story of the failed bank caused a great resonance in the United States: it is they — the main donor of the Afghan budget. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher AFC in March last year appealed to the U.S. Comptroller General Eugene Dodaro asking them to check how money is spent in Afghanistan, American taxpayers. Rohrabacher then became «banned entry» in Afghanistan.

Cool war: those who worked on the «law of Dima Yakovlev» — in the «Magnitsky Act»! As RIA «Novosti» with reference to «Kommersant», the U.S. Congress will insist on getting in the «Magnitsky list» included those involved in the ban Yankees adopt Russian orphans.

«Congress will insist that the number of defendants in the list were included and the people, the failed Russian right of children to international adoption,» — quoted as saying Senator Benjamin Cardin.

He said that the list of defendants in the «Magnitsky Act» the U.S. administration should transmit to Congress in April first, then he will be released.

Gold and silver in Arizona will soon become tender. This writes citing Arizona could become the second state, just behind Utah, recognizing gold and silver as legal tender.

Arizona Senate voted to approve the law in 1439, allowing companies and the state government to accept payments in gold and silver. On the Arizona bill will pass the House of Representatives.

Currently debts and taxes in Arizona and the rest of the United States or the Federal Reserve pays the bill (bucks), which were approved by Congress as a legitimate means of payment, or coins issued by the U.S. Treasury (very few of them contain gold or silver).

Although Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution of the United States says that no state shall mint coins in the same section states that no state shall be used for payment of debt is nothing, apart from gold and silver. In this regard, the creators of the bill believe that the introduction of gold and silver without «chasing» their own coins will simply adherence to the Constitution.

The bill was made on the model of a similar document of Utah, which was first adopted and approved as law. Some other states have also introduced similar measures under the influence of impermanence dollar caused by the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve.

Since the Federal Reserve continues to devalue the currency constant infusions of paper money, it may be that other states may wish to insure themselves against the upcoming slides, legalizing gold and silver.

Followers economic world in 2020. According «Euromonitor International», writes citing, 2020 with 3 of 5 large economies growing countries will be making up 30.4% of global GDP at purchasing opportunities. By the time naikrupneyshim global markets are China, USA, India, Japan and our homeland.

«Euromonitor International» predicts that China will become the world’s economies naikrupneyshim PPP already in 2017, and in 2020 around 19% of global GDP at PPP. However, the country faces a number of challenges: here and increase the cost of labor, and environmental pollution, and the real estate bubble, and sports an aging population.

Our homeland — with its own energy sector — by 2016 should be ahead of Germany and the fifth planet naikrupneyshim economies. But the lack of economic diversification and modernization, together with a decrease in the working age population in the long term for the Russian Federation remain major issues.

Surveyed and commented Oleg Chuvakin
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