Wreath Memory: Oleg Bebenin

Society Oleg Bebenin was born in 1974 in the Russian military prosecutor in the family. He graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of BSU. And immediately went to work in the independent press — in the "Belarusian business newspaper", and then — in the newly formed newspaper "Name". Recalls colleague journalist Oleg Natalia Radin:

"Oleg Bebenin was not only my colleagues, he was my friend and my teacher. When 17-year-old girl I came to the newspaper" Name ", where Oleg Bebenin worked as deputy chief editor, it was he who taught me the basics of journalism. With great patience, with Sincerely, which are so lacking at times some outstanding journalist if they have to teach the young. Several years later he told me: "That's it! Enough, I'm not your teacher. You are — a professional, and we can learn from each other. This trust was very important to me at the time. In general, I was friends with Oleg 14 years. And always in the most difficult times of my life he was there, always helping. "

All his colleagues Oleg Bebenina note that his very first materials were extremely thorough, deep and interesting. Already at age 20, he took up a serious investigative journalism. Dmitry Podberezsky while working in the "Name" was already known, "venerable," the journalist, who has already had a name. Here's what he says about the very young then MAZ:

"Oleg was a very" sharp "journalist. He climbed into the topics in which someone else is just afraid to climb. Wrote very seriously. Remember the case: once it went some men in civilian clothes in the city center, in the clouded the car, took off into the woods. Apparently, it would just prypalohats so. This was a reaction to the way he worked. Not all journalists have the "honor", I would say to them like that prypalohvali. Working with him to me, a more senior person was very comfortable, he knew many things, tell him what and how to do — perhaps there were no such cases. "

Since 1998 Oleg Bebenin was the founder and leader to charter97.org.

Recalls the coordinator of the "Charter 97" Dmitry Bondarenko:

"Oleg Bebenin — this is my friend, this is a real journalist, this is a real man, He and I have been many times in difficult situations, and in our team, he was always such a center of stability. I remember him since the mid-1990s, when he worked for the Radio 101.2, and he — in the newspaper "Name." Since 1997, we saw him almost every day, and made plans for the future. were no grounds for the end of life, which now police said, was not. We do not believe it is. I was on the spot, and had seen Oleg still, and I do not believe that this could be a suicide. This is one of the "stalpov" Our Internet journalism, and, of course, all of us it will be sorely missed. "

None of his colleagues do not believe in the official version of the law enforcement agencies — Oleg Bebenina suicide. A week ago, he and his family returned from apdachynku from Greece, he was full of optimism and plans for the future. Oleg colleague Natalia Radin says:

"A cheerful man I did not know."

Aleh Bebenina survived by his wife and two sons.



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