Yuri Svirko offers Bebenina classmates to investigate the circumstances of his death

We need to create a commission to investigate the fact of death of the journalist Oleg Bebenina — with such an offer addressed Alexander Lukashenko Kiev journalist Yuri Svirko, who previously worked in Belarus. Thus, according to Svirko, you can remove the suspicion of a possible violent death of a journalist.

In his address to the head of Belarus Yuri Svirko reported that Oleg was Bebenina classmates. Post about his suicide shocked the journalist. Yuri Svirko not seen classmates from 2005, when forced to leave the country because of persecution by the Belarusian security services.

At the same time, Yuri Oleg admits the possibility of suicide, although it is recognized that it is difficult to believe. Therefore, he believes that it is necessary to conduct an objective and independent investigation into the death of the site editor "Charter 97".

For this Svirko proposes to establish an international commission, which would include only Oleg Bebenina classmates and I am ready to lead this committee.

He proposes that the commission included

  • Olga Bebenina— Journalist of "Narodnaya Gazeta"
  • Alain Lewkowicz— Deputy editor of the "People's Newspaper"
  • Moscow journalist Victor Dyatlikovich,
  • Sergei Khripatch— Chief editor of "On Guard"
  • Yuri Pockets— The correspondent of "Associated Press" in Minsk,
  • Alexei Dovalil— Corresponding channel "Euronews" in France
  • Veronica Dovalil— The journalist in Lyon and
  • Tatiana Vladimirov— The editor of the newspaper "Respublika".

Yuri Svirko believes that other journalism graduates of BSU in 1996 could join an investigation into the death of fellow students.

Yuri Svirko believes that the death of the journalist was not profitable nor the opposition, nor the authorities of Belarus.

Yuri Svirko"I think that is a large number of statements, comments about someone who is interested in this suicide or murder, who is behind this, it is necessary to find out the real reason. I read a lot of information available on the Internet, I believe that the investigation can take part classmates Oleg Bebenina.

We have different classmates. One of our classmate works in the press service of the KGB, the other — headed paper of the Ministry of the Interior. There are freelance journalists.

I would like to collect all the classmates that we conducted its own investigation, met with the documents that have government structures to confirm or not confirm the official version of suicide.

I hope that Alexander Lukashenko to sign such a decree and give the powers of the commission. I think this is a sensible proposal and it must listen. "

At the conclusion of his address, Yuri Svirko wrote "that the Belarusian authorities were not involved in the death of Oleg Bebenina and are interested in this investigation, you can today confirm the decree on the establishment of the commission proposed by me."


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