Zhigulevskaya dam creates earthquakes in Togliatti

Zhigulevskaya dam creates earthquakes in TogliattiTogliatti of 309 homes located in Komsomolsk District, require local authorities to solve the problem of earthquake-prone housing units near Zhigulevskaya HPP. People complain of severe vibration, which provokes the water falling from a height of 40 m after passing the dam. Many houses are cracked, and it seems that just about implode.

First of earthquakes in Togliatti talking almost 30 years ago, when the first residents moved into built near hydroelectric building. Settled here willingly. Home — in a picturesque location on the banks of the Volga. But settlers quickly became convinced that a mistake. It turned out, the walls were shaking so that the ring chandelier interpanel joints gradually diverge …

— I moved here in 1978. And immediately felt the shaking! — Says a resident of the street Matrosov Olga Lavrov. — Especially goes to those who were on the upper floors. Furniture jumps! In the first half of 1980 was stronger shaking. Officials even promised us that demolish the upper floors and will house five-story.

— During vibration there is fear, dizziness, nausea. Their sleep — shows streets Chaikinoi resident Lyudmila Semyonova. — Anxiety is not leaving. This is a nightmare!

— We have many years of "bombarding" the letters the city authorities, and she says that means for the salvation of our homes do not. What a country is? Built a house right next to the HPS, and help us not to want. Home over the years have come to such a state that could collapse at any moment. Go to bed and do not know whether we wake up in the morning. Scary for children to horror! — With the eyes slazit said local resident Anna Leontiev.

In the city of Togliatti City Hall reporter "joint venture" is not answered, why do not wish to save the people who may be under the rubble of buildings. Did not want to talk about it in EMERCOM Russia's Samara region.

The construction of hydroelectric Zhigulevskaya completed in 1957. Construction of residential houses in the hydropower began in the late 1970's. Then, in 1979, there was an abnormal flood. I had an emergency dump large amounts of water. And then poured the first complaints about the noise and shaking. Only then realized the power to conduct the first study of the interventions Zhigulevskaya hydropower plant on the surrounding area. A first recommendations to limit construction in the area were issued in 1980. That is when many of the houses were standing near the dam. Not only that, the construction of new housing. Despite the conclusion of experts, it was built up with high-rise buildings. Close to a lot of hydro built 16-storey houses. But everyone knew that even in the nine-story buildings residents shaking.

— Houses in Komsomolsk District Togliatti, it seems, are not only the vibration of hydropower, but also flooding. In connection with the hydroelectric water table rises, change the hydrodynamic properties. All reservoirs are changing the water regime and the surrounding areas, — professor of the Institute of Geography RAS Boris Kochurov. — Zhigulevskaya hydro — one of the largest in the world and the second power in the Volga cascade hydropower station. The catchment area of the Volga basin at the site of hydro is 87 percent of the total area of the river basin.

HPP is located on the clay and sand. Because of the ground motion activated avalanches and landslides. After damming dam erosion is concentrated on a narrow section of the dam, extends downstream. Vibration exposure at work captures hydro territory within a radius of several kilometers. Vibration may cause a breach of slope stability and the destruction of buildings located there. In the area of hydropower Zhigulevskaya frequency vibrations generated by the dam, coincided with the vibrational frequencies of houses.

Should examine the effects of vibration on residents, to study hydrodynamic effects that occur when water releases (periodic releases of water from the reservoir to control the flow of water on the underlying site watercourse — "JV") to reduce the risk of channel deformations.

And most importantly — build houses out of the HPP.

Representative of JSC "RusHydro" Elena Vishnyakova said guide Zhigulevskaya hydro organized research to monitor vibration levels and suggested Mayor Togliatti made to the master plan of the city limits on the development of territories affected by exposure. Vishnyakova continues:

— Zhiguli hydropower plant in recent years, even at the peak of high water flows through the spillway is not more than 16 000 cubic meters per second to avoid exceeding health standards for vibration in buildings Komsomolsk area. The capacity of the spillway of the dam — 40,000 cubic meters per second. Measures to limit the discharge of a weir are not for Zhigulevskaya HPP binding in accordance with the "Terms of Use of the Kuibyshev reservoir."

"SP": — Management GES says that in the case of increasing the water discharge will not incur legal liability, because by all standards hydroelectric potentially dangerous object in the first class of danger. What does this mean?

— The vibration level is very high. May have to increase the discharge during floods. If you have been on hydro — you know that during the release of water is a terrible noise! Residential buildings near hydroelectric build unacceptable. For example, near Novosibirsk HPP no nearby houses.

Under Russian law, all water bodies of the country belong to the state. Guide hydropower, even with a strong desire, unable to move people from dangerous areas. In general, the construction of any facilities near HPP — a very serious problem. Near Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, for example, every spring, summer houses are flooded. On the maps of these areas are designated as zones where construction is prohibited. But people want to have houses with water views. When the water comes to them — are outraged.

Near Nizhny Novgorod, in the zone, legally allotted for flooding, erected even shopping malls.

— Power leave us in the lurch! Sitting and waiting when the ceiling will collapse on your head! — Outraged resident Togliatti Street Thunder Zoe Vereshchagin.
Vitaly Slovetskii

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