03.07.12.Gibel carp at the Volgograd reservoir


3.07.12.Massovaya fish mortality observed in some bays adjacent to the bottom of the Volgograd reservoir.

As "SIV", mainly fish kills observed along the right bank of the reservoir. The causes of the massive fish kills carp family are not known yet.

"Just yesterday, samples were taken of the water and dead fish, — said Sergey Yakovlev ichthyologist. — All samples sent for analysis, the results of which will be ready by the end of the week. Then, on the causes of death of fish can be more specific. "

Add, according to ichthyologist, a similar case was observed on the Volga in the past year. Then set the cause of death was a carp aeromonosis — infectious disease of many fish, also known as German measles carp, ascites, eroshenie scales.

Source: SIV

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