10 dead due to flooding from heavy rains in Nigeria

In Lagos 178mm rainfall fell in 18 hours. This devastating rains for harvest. On Sunday, heavy rain, which continued up until yesterday, dropped some of the families in mourning, because at least 10 people were killed in the accompanying floods. Despite this, the weather experts have warned that more rains can be expected, adding, however, that farmers should be happy that they should expect to harvest, as crops have grown well before heavy rains began. Lagos last Sunday experienced a torrential downpour that literally grounded throughout the city, looting homes and paralyzing economic activity. Rain caused severe flooding and damages caused to life and property in the state. Those who died said that drowned in the canal in Agbado Oke-Odo Local Council Development Areas (LCD) of the state. Austin Arogun, Vice Chairman, about this during a briefing to journalists on Monday, said that the unfortunate incident was a direct consequence of the drizzling rain in Lagos between Sunday and Monday, pointing out that the victims had drowned because they could not distinguish the road and drainage channels are hidden in the flood due to heavy rains. —Business DaySource:

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