1500 meters of road destroyed in Barrancabermeja, Colombia

The deterioration of the road between Bucaramanga with the oil port

Until Tuesday of next week the road from Bucaramanga to the Caribbean coast will be blocked. This is due to the heavy rainfall, because of which came to 40 landslides, 7 of which are particularly large.

Sonia Gosales, regional director of the National Highway Institute told the newspaper El Tiempo (El Tiempo), that at least work to repair damaged roads are successful in Rionegro in Santander, however, operators have not been able to remove the building materials through the creek and river Pleyonero.

Thus, as a result of heavy rains killed one policeman and wounded 12 people, disappeared three peasants, destroyed about 10 cars and 12 houses. In Rionegro inhabitants 150 houses of the 4 areas were evacuated.

"There are places where we have not been able to overcome landslides. Difficult in these areas due to heavy rains, "- she added.

Last Wednesday night in Rionegro and Santander more than 100 people were trapped due to the fault of landslides. Heavy rains sharply deteriorating roads.

Through cracks in Barrancabermeja

The situation on the road between Bucaramanga and Barrancabermeja is particularly hard, the surface of 1500 m paved road all the cracks and the like "French bread."


Water, eroding fault lines led to the destruction of asphalt between 34 and 36 km in the area known as La Leona, near La Renta.


"We have two helicopters, inspect the surface and the panel of experts who will decide what to do next," — said Sonia Gonzalez.


Two affected routes are the main choice of the land between Bucaramanga and Barrancabermeja. There is a third option, but it does not quite fit, because there are restrictions to the movement of heavy trucks.


Roads affected by Santander


1) 5 municipalities in the province of North Soto cut off from Bucaramanga because of the huge landslide and rocks that blocked the road for 8 km;


2) On the road to Bogota traffic stops every hour, not to destroy completely the soil surface, destabilized between San Gil and Socorro last month;


3) The possibility of supporting roads between Kapitaneydzho Enciso and Velez-Malaga-Scimitar because of 20 landslides;


4) According to the local authorities affected 159 routes, only 500 critical points.


Translation: Anna Krasnov

Source: El Tiempo.com


Source: vseneprostotak.ru.

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