2012: survive or not?

Hand the subject was not writing or speaking, perhaps, just lazy. "The ancient Mayans predicted the destruction of mankind in 2012", "the world will end 12/21/12," "Coming Apocalypse," and so on … Familiar headlines in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet, appearances on radio and television, is not it it?

Do not stand aside and Hollywood film, removing a modest, but so mnogogovoryaschim called "2012." It also, as you might guess, is the end of the world, however, is not complete, but only partial — after the devastating earthquake and the universal flood survive only a few million people who were able to buy space on a special ark. In general, nothing new.

Which is why the fuss?

The fact that "thorn", entitled "End of the World in 2012" dug into the mass consciousness due happy for this "thorn" a combination of two factors. The first — a well-known "The Mayan Factor." It was said and wrote so much of it that was "sick" (in their own words), even the descendants of the Maya. "Wherever you come — all immediately begin to question me about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world", — complains about living in Guatemala Mayan Council chief elder Apolinario Chile Pikstun.

And the second — the "factor of Nibiru." This hypothetical planet (it is called "Planet X"), supposedly located at the periphery of the solar system and once every three thousand years of entering into the system. Nibiru is in this system any disasters — from the dislocation and running planets in their orbits before the tsunami and earthquakes in the world (in the case of convergence with it). Well, if not even close to get together, the Earth is still "will not find it." Rain will fall on her asteroids, comets and other celestial "debris" that Nibiru will push their gravitation towards the earth.

Scary, is not it? Where did all this come from?

The benefits of scientific thoroughness …

As for the "prophecy" Maya, then everyone knows what it is. Ancient Indians chronologically divided into cycles of time. Among them were:

uinal — 20 days,
tun — 360 days
Katun — about 20 years old,
Baktun — about 394 years
piktun — 7885 years
kalabtun — 158 000 years,
kinchiltun — 3 million years
alautun — 63 million years old.

But special interest to us is baktun. Last, the 13th in a row (and the number-then what — how not to believe that trouble is around the corner!) Ends with time December 21, 2012 (although, for the Maya was a sacred number 13). For some reason, proponents of "Apocalypse 2012" chose "baktun" system of measuring time to confirm the end of the world this year, though, if we take, for example, alautun, the mankind to live more than a dozen million years.

The fact that the 13th Baktun ends 21/12/2012 was clear from a stone tablet discovered in the ancient site Tortuguero in the Mexican state of Tabasco. According to researchers, it is a question of Bologna Ekte — a mysterious Mayan god, whom the ancient Indians tied the war and creation. Despite the fact that the time of the plate covered with deep cracks and rubs, which made the inscription on it is almost unreadable, some interpret the character at the end of this line, as "He will descend from the sky."

In November 2011 the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History has recognized: a reference to this date has also "komalkalksky brick", which for a long time found in the ruins of an ancient temple Komalkalko settlement. And plates, and bricks were made about 1300 years ago.

By the way, this fort is located near Tortuguero. For advocates of "conspiracy theory": brick was laid in masonry walls of the church, as if made by the inscription was not intended for anyone's eyes. It was engraved on the inside of the brick.

True, not all scientists agree that the interpretive signs and a date with a brick — is 21.12.2012. Some also believe that the plate and brick refer to the past and not the future. According to them, it is there an event that has already occurred, but not about which more will be.

And besides … "Do not say Mayans that the world will end in 2012! This is you project its western messianic beliefs, which necessarily includes the Apocalypse, the philosophy of the Maya — goryachatsya staff already mentioned the National Institute of Anthropology and History, and with them, and those who consider themselves descendants of the Maya. — Yes, you understand: Maya simply divide time into cycles. Ended one, the other will. And there is no end to the cycle of the Apocalypse is not. "

In general, before the "blame" the ancient Indians that they supposedly prophesied end of the world in 2012, one would have to carefully examine their philosophy and culture. Reason for optimism in this case, it might be greater than for pessimism.

And of the harm … "kontakterstva"

Where did this Nibiru? In general, the talk about the possible existence of large celestial body of the so-called trans-Neptunian group (in the sense of objects located beyond the orbit of Neptune — the furthest planet from the Sun) are carried out in the international scientific community for some time. While there is no evidence that clearly would confirm or refute the assumption of the existence of such a body.

To the idea that the solar system could be another major planet, suggests the ancient Sumerian texts. Ostensibly the Sumerians knew every three and a half thousand years, it invades with outer solar system in its inner region, passes near the Earth, causing it to devastating floods and earthquakes. American scholar Zecharia Sitchin used these texts as evidence for the existence of this celestial "pilgrim." Academic science, based on the analysis of the "hard" facts, evidence Sitchin, however, did not accept.

But the facts need a scientist, not contactees (that is, those who have the opportunity to come into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.) Contactees do not need proof — they take for granted all that they "speak" the representatives of these civilizations. Why challenge the information received from the far more advanced than humans, thinking beings?

So reasoned Nancy Lieder, who claims that, thanks to the implant implanted in her brain receives information from the "Brothers in Mind", living in a binary star Zeta constellation Grid. On a cosmic scale, it is almost neighbors "behind the wall" — divide us "only" some 39 light-years. Leader has established a website called ZetaTalk, which shares with everyone the information coming from the "civilization of Zeta."

So, the aliens back in 1995 told Nancy about the inevitable collision of the Earth with another celestial body the size of its 4-fold higher than our planet. Then they told her that it will happen in May 2003. After nothing, of course, did not happen, she was "given" a different date — 2012.

And this year, as we remember, ends 13th baktun, after which one has to "come down from heaven." The fact that the Maya are very well versed in astronomy, reinforces the theory that they knew when the world comes to an end. Is it then surprising that the "brothers on reason" "told" Nancy Lieder: Nibiru collide with Earth was in 2012?

Do not be afraid of Nibiru

You can speak at length about why this happens, but it is clear from all the arguments "against" its chief, it will be stated very simply: Nibiru does not exist.

Celestial body with the frequency of the orbit (drifting too far from the center of the solar system and then return to it) more than three thousand years, has long been "floated out" to this orbit at its greatest distance from the Sun. And that's not to mention the fact that if it was close to the Earth, to face her this year, it has long been a noticeable to the naked eye.

"But it is still quietly, -" are "supporters of Nibiru. — Wait a little longer and see. "

Ask an astronomer. Here's what he thinks about Michael Brown, professor of planetary astronomy at the California Institute of Technology celebrated. By the way, it just focuses on the search for and study of trans-Neptunian objects.

According to Brown, the celestial body the size of Mars may go unnoticed for a distance of 300 astronomical units (AU) and beyond. Recall: the astronomical unit — the distance from the Earth to the Sun. For comparison, the most distant planet from the Sun Neptune is from him at a distance of only 30 AU And to Jupiter-sized planet could escape from earthly observers, it needs to stay at 30 000 AU from the Sun.

So, Nibiru (estimated representatives of "civilization Zeta"), 4 times the size of Earth. This means that we could see it from a distance, at least 1,000 AU But we still do not see this planet. So it is beyond that distance. If Nibiru is suddenly there in the heavens, then, even moving at a speed of 2,400 kilometers per second, it will be held in 1000 au not less than 2 years. It turns out that before 2014, it will not be able to get close to the Earth. So, something does not go about in 2012: either wrong representatives of "civilization Zeta" or Nancy Lieder them misunderstood.

Michael Brown was accidentally used in the calculations speed 2400 km / s. The fact is that any object on the "speedometer" which rests on the arrow to this mark, could not resist not only in the solar system, but even in our Milky Way galaxy. This star cluster would have as much chance to take him with their gravity, how many children dip net — a flying bullet.

There is, however a view that the Sun, with its back, hidden from the Earth side, spinning planet with the same angular velocity as the Earth, so we had never been seen. But if this is even the case, then why suddenly the planet is dramatically alter its trajectory, and contrary to the laws of mechanics rush to "date" with the Earth?

Why humanity must periodically "die"?

And yet, when you learn about the Mayan calendar, about Nibiru, there is a feeling that all this had once been. But of course! Is mankind "died" in 2000, according to the alleged prediction made by Nostradamus? And how much of this was to "Apocalypse"? "At least a few each year — answered this question in an interview online resource Space.com astronomer David Morrison, who heads the" Centre of the Carl Sagan on the study of life in the universe "under the" Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. " — Only in the last year or two, or three. "

But why do people need from time to time to scare yourself paintings death of the human race? Do it without this little problem? Or is it only in the religious predisposition of people to expect doomsday, belief in which is one of the cornerstones of Christianity?

No, the point here, it seems, not only in the biblical texts. The idea of a close end of the world is very popular among today's youth. This is the "Pepsi Generation", or "X" is difficult to classify the category of very religious population.
"They just go online and do arithmetic — explains Morrison. — Poschityvayut: "So, the end of the world in 2012 say 83 website, and that will not happen — only one. So those are right who say that it will still be." See how all just. "

Hence, the Internet? Yes, it is difficult to overestimate the role that it plays in our lives. Many sites specifically inflate 'apocalyptic' fears in order to attract more visitors to your pages. And there are people with morbid unquenchable thirst for public attention and recognition. They especially will generate the most absurd rumors in order to listen to them, they are said and written.

Moreover, such "sluhotvorchestvo" sometimes leads to tragic consequences. Thus, following the discovery in 1995 of a comet, later known as Hale-Bopp, an American sociologist at Emory University in Atlanta, Courtney Brown said after a comet is an alien spaceship. "How did he know it?" — You ask. Oh, for him it was a couple of little things. After Brown, by his own admission, has the ability to "remote viewing" (clairvoyance option). So he "saw" as the dust of the comet tail is hiding alien spacecraft.

Hale-Bopp was one of the brightest comets of the last century and reached its peak "bloom" in the sky in the spring of 1997. Altogether it can be seen with the naked eye as much as half. So she remained in the memory of the people, a beautiful brooch on zavitochkom beads strewn night sky stars, if not for the associated suicide of 39 members of the sect "Gates of Paradise", which they carried out 26 March 1997 in the U.S. city of San Diego.
Hale-Bopp here, of course, not being. Sectarians believed (thanks to Courtney Brown), which is only released from their bodies, they can get to going to the "wake" of the comet alien ship that will take them to the "bright future".

But if all these paranoid states were limited to the walls of the sects. "At least once a week, I asked for something a teenager, usually 11-12 years — said Morrison — which in effect saying that he thought suicide by the end of the world. I already know at least a few cases of suicides of people who did not want to see this end in 2012, "

Faith in mortality or immortality?

The emergence of various "contactees", "remote-sighted", and simply charlatans hysteria about the end of the world is quite clear and understandable. Understand one thing: why do we believe them? Is it possible, allowing the possibility of the death of the human race, it is easier to accept their individual mortality?

Or maybe the other way around? Tormented by nightmares about the approach of another "end of the world" and each time seeing the invalidity of these fears, we thus verify the eternity of life and, as a result, gain confidence in their own immortality?

Source: www.golos-ameriki.ru

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