23.03.12.Gibel fish on the lake in Buryatia. Video


23.03.12.Ekologicheskaya disaster or problems of a single body of water? The lake is on the Left Bank — a mass death of fish. The alarm sounded by local fishermen. They say that they know the cause of what is happening.

 — Andrei Platonov, a resident p.Burvodstroy: Before the new year was caught, was normal. And by the end of winter, that's what happened — there is nothing … This lake is dying. Hereditary fisherman Andrei Platonov sadly examines a favorite spot of fishing. Here and there in the ice visible fish. She motionless.
 — Andrei Platonov, a resident p.Burvodstroy: Here's a fish out of the ice … and this pattern around the pond. Although previously there was caught perch, roach, crucian carp, and people with fishing poles can be seen all year round.

Earlier this lake was a place for townspeople, families come here. Now the water level in the reservoir has fallen so much that it is visible to the naked eye. And the environmental component of this place is far from ideal. So the number of people willing to come here to relax, probably considerably diminished.

Locals know one of the reasons of the situation. The local place has become the main supplier of ice for ice town the capital of Buryatia. Is not removed at the time the material is still on the shore.
 — Alexander Hunters, a resident Tulunzha paragraph: None of this is looking. Only look to it that cut the ice, to get money. Who gets the money, I think he must repay. Environmentalists are ready to sound the alarm. Urgent need to test the water body. Emergency to the lake could lead to serious consequences.
 — Sergei Shapkhaev, the Buryatia regional Baikal Association: This is the initial stage of the degradation of the ecosystem of the lake. There can begin the process of decay, which will affect the aquatic biota of the entire lake. And it will have an environmental disaster. The problem — in charge of Rospotrebnadzor, Angara-Baikal and the Federal Agency for Fishery Management Burprirodnadzora. It is these regulatory authorities are required to find out why the fish die.
 — Irina Chistyakova, Senior Assistant East Baikal Environmental interdistrict prosecutor All three are required to monitor the implementation of laws on water bodies. In particular they can attract accredited laboratories that take samples, make a chemical analysis of the water and is already on chemical analysis can determine what is causing the pollution of a body of water and as a result dies ryba.Nayti perpetrator and prosecute possible. As was done in the lake Mukhorshibir Hotogor, it also lost a fish. Then, after the intervention of the environmental prosecutor organization "Buryatmeleovodhoz" was fined one million rubles.

We need to act and in Ulan-Ude. Otherwise, the city could lose the water body and the right to its residents recreation.

Alex Turobov

Source: Broadcaster "Arik Us"

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