26.04.12.Gibel fish in the South Urals. Video


Updated May 10

In the Trinity area of the Chelyabinsk region killed five tons of carp.

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26.04.12.Uralsky Neverova village in the Chelyabinsk region is on the brink of ecological disaster due to the sluggishness of the local officials. 1.5 tons of dead fish floated to the surface of the lake Kul Kul.

The fifth day in the area can not be. Creepy smell extends over several kilometers. Water in a single pond in the area turned into poison.

— We came to the village on Saturday and then on Tuesday — fish like lying, and lies — told Life News local resident Natalya Shevchenko. — People have repeatedly appealed to the administration with a request to clear the shore of the lake, but was told that the technology is not, and even after two weeks she will rot — nothing left.

Dead fish lying around the lake, in some places, the bandwidth is 1.5 meters. Animals for which Kul Kul — the only source of water, refuse to drink from the lake.

Environmentalists predict dire consequences.

— First, if the lake is fresh, then it may be ptomaine poisoning animals that drink water from it — told Life News chief veterinarian of the Trinity and Trinity area Sytko Nicholas. — And, of course, a threat to the health of bathers.

Local residents have repeatedly complained to the prosecutor's office and the administration, but officials insist that the massive fish kills — this is a common thing.

— Depth of the lake only 1.7 meters, in winter it is frozen at 1.4 meters — told Life News head Drobyshevsky rural settlement Ilgiz Ahmedyanov. — The problem I found recently on his return from a trip I will take the necessary measures.

Alla Tsipordey

Source: Life News Online

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