26.04.12.Gibel fish in the Sverdlovsk region. Video


26.04.12.Ekologicheskaya disaster in the village under Kosmakova Syrset. Today morning the lake Bagaryak washed several tons of dead fish.

Such catch Victor is not pleased. The fisherman with a great experience, Zamora he had seen a lot, but this — never. "It is not always like that, I do remember that four years ago was definitely Zamora, but this was not", — said Victor fisherman calf.

Chabak, perch, carp, pike and carp — all lake shore Bagaryak strewn around a dead fish. And no one to blame here, Is that a cold winter with little snow. By the end of the winter ice thickness in some places reached five feet. In the spring the ice under its own weight began to sink to the bottom and the fish simply gasped.

This lake has several years to rent. Private traders sell fishing permits and are required to monitor the status of the water body. "We have received a letter from the tenants of the lake Bagaryak that they will carry out work on the aeration of the lake, to prevent fish kill. Aeration — the oxygen saturation, oxygen is pumped through the ice to fish to breathe ", — explained the leading expert on the conservation of city district administration Sysertskoe Nina Palkina.

These works were actually in winter and early spring. But, despite all efforts to avoid the plague failed. Fish has already started to rot, the villagers fear that flies and mosquitoes will spread the infection. And the smell of dead fish now felt for tens of meters.

Tenants have promised to clean the coastal zone. True, it will not do before Sunday. Have to take out a few tons of dead fish. And when there will be a new — unknown. On the restoration of the population usually takes several years.

Alena Kalinina

Source: STRC "Ural"


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