40,000 dead crabs in England. Photo. Video

Animals thousands of dead crabs washed ashore on the beaches of Palm Bay and Margate, presumably they died from hypothermia, as December was colder than usual and blocked the 120 year record cold in these latitudes.
Piles of rotting corpses crustaceans washes ashore with every prilivom.V currently establishing the cause of their death, addressing all versii.Vzyaty samples for research.
Expert in the field of environmental protection Farooq Farooq Mulla said that the cause of death was what the disease or virus.
More than 40 million dead crabs crabs largest UK led to pollution of the coast around Thanet, also marked by the death of sponges and anemones, but at a lesser extent.
Coast Observer Tony Sykes believes that climate change and forced the crabs off the depth and to get closer to the coast in search of kelp for food, which caused the death of crabs from hypothermia, the temperature of the water in the shallow water was lower than at depth.

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