40 thousand chickens died at the poultry farm in Perm


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PERM, May 10 — RIA Novosti. Mass mortality of nearly 40,000 hens occurred at a chicken farm "Komsomol" in the Perm region, according to preliminary data, a power ventilation, upon being tested, said Tuesday the regional administration Rosselkhoznadzor.

"Urgent focused on laboratory studies five corpses of birds and one sample food … As a result of laboratory tests excluded particularly dangerous disease of birds (avian influenza, plague birds and others)", — the Rosselkhoznadzor, specifying that the laboratory found excess of methemoglobin in the blood of birds , confirming the cause of death from asphyxia due to the lack of fresh air.

Biological waste disposed of in accordance with the law. Investigations are continuing feed. It also installs the reasons which led to the failure of ventilation in the building, there was a case where the birds adds Office.

JSC "Poultry" Komsomolskaya "organized in 1959 on the basis of the farm" Komsomol "and is currently one of the largest poultry farms in the Perm region. The company has its egg direction (capacity about 209 million eggs a year), producing more than 100 kinds of products: egg and egg powder, sausages and delicatessen, meat products and dairy products, said poultry farm on the site.

In late December 2010 a case of mass death of chickens at a chicken farm "Krasnaya Polyana" in Kursk region has caused wide public response. At the request of production workers, they had to intentionally kill one million birds due to lack of money to buy food. In February 2011, representatives of the company announced the beginning of the normalization of the situation in "Krasnaya Polyana" and the resumption of production.

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