40 tons of sulfuric acid spilled into a river in China


As a result of an accident in the river spilled 38 tons of sulfuric acid. Sichuan Province. October 2011. Photo from epochtimes.com

 19.10.11.V collision of two tanks in the Jialing River spilled 38 tons of highly concentrated sulfuric acid.
The Office for the Protection of Environment reported that water pollution in the river is not fixed. However, the expert believes that the river will begin large-scale death of living organisms.

October 16 at the bridge Lundunbey Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province faced two tanks, transporting 98 percent sulfuric acid. The collision resulted in the Jialing River, at least 38 tons of sulfuric acid, inform local authorities.

October 17, a local management of environmental protection said that as a result of water analysis revealed that the pH is correct. However, he did not say what exactly this value.

Professor at the Institute of Environment and Energy, Beijing University of Technology, who asked not to be named, told The Epoch Times, that the incident was caused very great damage to the environment. According to him, even though sulfuric acid and dilute the river water, the acidity of the water in a certain area of the river could not increase, and the water from the acid medium can not drink.

The professor did not dare make specific findings as, in his words, a more detailed study of the situation. However, he said that as soon as the river will surely mass death of living organisms.

Chinese bloggers also do not believe the official statements of the authorities: "As many as 38 tons! Indeed there is no pollution? That would be these experts make a cup of the water. "

"We in China are always so good. Whatever harm may have been done, in the end, it always corresponds to the norms and standards. "

Ilya Ivanov

Source: The Epoch Times

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