42 million people have emigrated from natural disasters in 2010

About 42 million people have been forced from their homes because of natural disasters around the world in 2010, is more than double that in the previous year, experts said. One reason could be the number and climate change, the international community must do more to contain it, the experts said.
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, said the increase of 17 million displaced people in 2009 was mainly due to the effect "mega-disaster"Such as the massive floods in China and Pakistan and the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti. He noted that more than 90% of natural disasters were caused by the movement of natural disasters such as floods and storms that were probably under the influence of global warming, but He could not say to what extent. "The intensity and frequency of extreme weather events is increasing, and this trend will only continue. With all probability, the number of victims and displaced will rise as human-induced climate change comes into full force, "said Elizabeth-Resmasson, Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council. Monitoring center and refugee council presented the report at an international conference on climate change and displacement in Oslo. number of people displaced last year — about 42 million — is roughly the size of Argentina population, natural disasters and attacks this year also was grim. On March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan left more than 10,000 people were killed, about 17 thousands missing and half a million homeless. In the United States, tornadoes have wreaked havoc from Alabama to Massachusetts, while floods have inundated states from Montana to Louisiana. In the southwest Missouri town of Joplin, U.S. deadliest tornado in six decades killed at least 141 people and destroyed more than 8,000 homes in the town of about 50,000 people. "There is growing evidence that natural disasters are increasing the frequency and intensity, and it is associated with long-term process of climate change", said Guterres. —Huffington Post
"In 2010, strange things started to happen in this world, things that did not see in front of you, none of those who lived before us. Our story begins in 2010, because this year, it became clear that the mechanics who regulates the climate and ecosystems of the biosphere on Earth began to crumble. " Extinction Protocol, p.6

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