5.2 earthquake off the coast of Chile


18.02.11.Zemletryasenie magnitude 5.2 occurred on Friday off the coast of Chile, 125 kilometers to the west of the capital Santiago, the site of the Chilean Institute of Seismology.

Quake was recorded at 17.01 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, 20.01 Moscow time). The epicenter was located 32 kilometers west of the village in the region OHiggins Navidad. Its center lies at a depth of 8.5 kilometers. Information on casualties or damage were reported.

According to the Chilean emergency services in the last week, there were about a hundred aftershocks of varying intensity, which caused concern and alarm of the local population. At the end of February last year in Chile, 8.8-magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami killed more than 500 people, RIA "Novosti".


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