50 thousand species of fish have died in the river in Chuvashia because ammonia emissions

The death of 47.5 thousand specimens of fish over 15 kilometers of the river Small Tsivil in Chuvashia is due to release of ammonia with "Vurnarsky meat", RIA Novosti assistant Cheboksary Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor Andrew Khrychov.

As representatives of the environmental prosecutor's office, the Office received a report of a mass death of fish in the river Small Tsivil Kanashsky district. Territorial Management Specialists Rosrybolovstva, gosohotrybsluzhby Chuvashia republic Rospotrebnadzor conducted a survey of the river. At its four sites were found 475 instances of dead fish. According to experts, the total number of dead fish is about 47.5 thousand specimens of fish.

From laboratory studies found that the water samples in the river downstream from the place of discovery of dead fish ammonia exceeds health standard of 7.5 times. In the organs and tissues of fish in the autopsy revealed high content of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Additional examination of water samples of the river Malaya Sanarka flowing into small Tsivil near Vurnarskii pig slaughterhouse showed an excess of ammonia in 480 times.

Environmental Prosecutor's Office conducted an audit of July 2 pig operation and revealed serious violations of the sanitary-epidemiological and environmental legislation.

"Survey of storage of liquid pig waste fractions showed the presence of discontinuities (faults) of the body store and scour through which the slurry is fed to the terrain and into the river bed Small Sanarka. Leaks from manure has a distinct track length of 100 meters and a depth of one meter over which the unauthorized discharge liquids into the river bed "- said the representative of an environmental prosecutor.

According Hrycheva, it remains unclear whether this was a targeted release of ammonia or an accident. Also, do not set the volume released to the river ammonia. As a source explained, make it difficult because they do not set a time when the release occurred, and the substance is dissolved in water.

"The only thing found that fish kill was due to the release of ammonia, which is found in the river, and in the corpses of fish. Sole source of its release was a broken-down equipment in pig farm meat processing … Checking continues," — said the source.

He noted that, in violation of the law officers pig did not report the incident to the Cheboksary interdistrict environmental prosecutor and Republican Rosprirodnadzor and Rospotrebnadzor and did not take steps to remedy it.

"On the Administrative Code of the concealment or distortion of environmental information punishable by 10 to 20 thousand administrative fines for legal entities," — said the assistant environmental prosecutor.

According to him, the environmental protection agency is considering the transfer of documents to the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation.

"At present, leaders and officials slaughterhouse called to give explanations about the violation and deciding on bringing them to administrative responsibility," — said the source.

Meanwhile, the management has not yet commented on the meat plant RIA Novosti on the situation. As reported by the receiving company, the head of slaughterhouse and his deputies are on the road.

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