6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Japan

Earthquake of magnitude 6.1 occurred on Sunday off the coast of the Japanese island of Honshu, the website of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Quake was recorded at 21.03 local time (15.03 MSK). The epicenter was located 90 kilometers south-east of Morioka, at 458 kilometers north-east of Tokyo. The earthquake lies at a depth of 53.1 kilometers.

March eleventh at the north-eastern coast of Japan earthquake with magnitude 9.0. The number of victims of disaster, according to the latest data, 8000 133 people. Currently listed as missing in action for more than 12 thousand people. Around 360,000 were evacuated from the disaster zone and accommodated in temporary shelters in 14 prefectures in the country.

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