6.4 earthquake off the coast of California


Washington. 14 December. Interfax — In the south-east coast of the U.S. state of California on Friday, there was a massive earthquake, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. According to U.S. seismologists, the earthquake magnitude was 6.1. Its epicenter was in the Pacific Ocean 142 km from the coast, at a depth of 11 km. On any destruction and the threat of a tsunami is not reported.


So this is the way

In California, there was a mass suicide squid

13.12.12.Kaliforniyskie biologists are struggling with the deciphering of the phenomenon that they are lucky to watch last Sunday on the beaches of Santa Cruz in the Monterey Bay area. One morning beach was littered with thousands of carcasses of Humboldt squid, for some reason to throw out on the sand.

The coastline of almost 12 miles was covered with a group committed suicide squid, reports CBS. And this is the third such incident in the last six weeks.

"They just dumped on the shore. Quite a strange sight, "- told CBS graduate of Harvard University's Hannah Rose. According to her, in her eyes, people have tried to return the still-living squid in the sea, but they still come back to the sand. It is worth noting that on the coast were only young ones, not more than a few tens of centimeters in length. In general, the Humboldt squid, also known as giant squid can reach two meters.

"Sometimes they just do not see the shore," — says Hannah Rose. She suggested that the squid might be confused because of some toxin, which fell to them with food. For example, some algae in these waters are a source of toxic substances. Similar opinion is shared by the officer of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States John Field, "Maybe they do not know where it ends water. This may be due to global warming, oxygen saturation of coastal water layers. "

According to another version, squid overworked while hunting. "Sometimes they just lose their minds. Can drive the victim to the shore, "- said Field. A Monterey Bay is quite rich in fish.

Interesting: in these waters of Humboldt squid have not seen for several years. Sometime in 1997 they have ceased to meet in this country: presumably due to warming waters: squid prefer poprohladnee environment, and therefore moved to the north, said Santa Cruz Patch.

In 2009, a pack of squid washed up in the San Diego area, presumably due to the earthquake. But in Santa Cruz last time they noticed at the beginning of 2010 — from the fishermen in the Gulf were reports of huge shoals of these animals, passed NBC. Since squid in Monterey do not swim, and only in October this year made the first mass suicide, reports The Huffington Post. Then reason set also failed.

Steak of squid — almost a delicacy, and when last weekend residents of Santa Cruz saw a wealth doorstep at home, the temptation to gather up a few squid for lunch was great. Scientists, however, warn that it is not necessary to do so, as long as the circumstances of suicide animals are unclear. If the reason is the same in any toxins that can be dangerous to humans, reports NEWSru.com.

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