A bit of humor-3


In the minibus:
Full of people, all sitting silent, who is thinking about. At the bus stop make room immediately behind the driver, which sits on the young mother, the little girl from 22-23 years 4. That is, she sits back forward, and his face to the whole people. As soon as the taxi moved off, she began to whine on "Well mom buy me Barbie", and in various ways, a long and very plaintive. What mother in her tone whined "why you Barbie, you already have three, may be better to buy a coloring, etc."

All this whining donned order not only to me but also to all passengers. Somewhere in a three-stop strategy girls changed. She pouted and stopped, apparently holding a terrible insult. And issued a stop: Well, if you do not want to buy Barbie, I mean something that you tell Grandma! "Mom," and what I tell you about the "Girl" tell tell. I saw something "

All taxi stiffened and listened — what is she saw there, "Mom:" Well, what did you see "Daughter:" I saw you yesterday, the Pope kissed pussy. " We all went out laughing, mom stopped by the bus, grabbed her daughter by the arm, and ran away. Think of the end? A fig. In its place sat a guy with a young son. Years 8.

All continued to laugh, man naturally did not understand why, but too stupid smile. And then his son gave "Daddy buy me well, soldiers!" Minibus shook a laugh that cage had to stop because it whinnying with us. Once the carrier prosmeyalsya, he turned into the cabin and said, "Man, you better buy soldiers — out of harm's way," Man has stopped driving four. All were laughing, and he was at a loss, probably thought that sat in a minibus full of idiots. Well the truth is that funny in the phrase "daddy buy soldiers'? how dangerous sometimes children …

In the minibus-2
Ride in the front seat two grandmothers. Taxi almost complete. At the stop comes a guy. Driver passes 10 rubles for the ride and gets the change of 1 ruble. Ruble from hand slips and falls under the seats grandmothers. The guy leans over, trying to find the change and, surprisingly, farts. In the minibus — a quiet laugh, giggle. And one of the grandmothers said another, "And because of the cost of the ruble since tearing the ass!"

Minibus explodes with laughter. Guy becomes crimson, and requests to stop the bus. A minute later, the minibus comes to a respectable lady. Taxi continues to laugh. The lady is starting to look nervous. Maybe it was over her laugh? Here Grandma, roaring with laughter, start to tell the story of the lady with the ruble. The lady, too, begins to laugh, and then her nose snot flies out and hits the grandmothers …. The lady asks to stop the bus. Going further, roaring with laughter. The driver, too, along with all the laughs, pulls out a cigarette, lights, opens the hatch above his head. Releasing smoke into the hatch, refers to her grandmother, "You have a lid (padlyukam) is not blowing?" Salon explodes from the new fit of laughter. The driver, realizing what he said, falls out of the cab, dancing and ugorayu

The same taxi 20 minutes later. Taxi to stop "sugar town." They all sat down, seats are … Drove started the car … Then the door opens head … And then he drove asks: "my dear, you have the end of the sugar?". By shuttle bus was easy chuckle … Drove without hesitation said, "I do not know, have not tried". By minibus went public rzhach! Granny examined hawk eye salon realized that there is no empty seats … and handing 10p. cage said, "Take me standing".
Driver falls out of the cab in the snow and shaking in a fit of hysterical ….

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