A Brief History of Magic Weight Loss




Modern trends — fat-burning zone to help lose weight creams, subliminal recording and accelerate metabolism teas — just another word Paramedical. In the past, except that they were called differently — for example, "The Cure for completeness Densmore", "elegance Tablets Dr. Gordon", "Kellogg's Safe Fat Burner." Here are some interesting examples:

1844 — Oliver Halsted patented a machine for exercise, consisting of a pair of mechanical horses that went in circles, and they had to relieve indigestion from riders.

1892 Belt from obesity George Burwell worked on the abdomen with electric shocks.

1900 Chair for the "passive occupational therapy" by Jean Alban Bergonie applied electric discharges to the muscles of the patient, causing them to contract 100 times a minute, it was assumed that in this way at a time when people just sitting and resting energy is wasted.

1900 Ladies' Home Journal recommends drinking in turn two mineral water — Kissingen and Vichy. It was expected that by balancing levels of acids and alkalis in the body, women can lose up kilogram per week.

1905 — La Grecque Corset (Greek corset) promised to not only give a beautiful shape thighs and stomach, but also cause a steady loss of weight of the carrier.

1910 — Diet pills Phytoline contained strychnine, caffeine, and pokeweed berries. Arsenic speeds up digestion, berries served laxative.

1914 — Gardner Reducing Machine beat applying its two rollers, performing a kind of massage, it is theoretically conducive to weight loss.

1920: Lucky Strike in the course of the campaign promoted cigarettes as a weight loss aide: "Reach for Lucky, but not candy."

1935 An estimated 100 million Americans have tried diet pills with dinitrophenol, is used in the manufacture of dyes, insecticides and explosives. The appearance of these tablets was prompted by the observation that worked at the factory that manufactured equipment for the army during the First World War, lost weight. The popularity of tablets has dropped to 1938 after several deaths and a total loss of vision.

1943 "diet guru" Marion White, author of "Diet without despair", advised to use as a source of fat in the diet … mineral oil.

1957 The human pregnancy hormone — human chorionic gonadotropin — has gained popularity as a supplement for weight loss. Only in 1974, the U.S. government demanded that placed warning labels on the undesirability of its use as a dietary supplement. In clinical trials, the substance was never shown to be effective in weight loss.


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