A disabled boy kicked out of school due to illness


4.12.12.Pustoy class in 39 schools in the Krasnodar village Voro — students and their parents are boycotting classes, they have to be excluded from school Misha Rybkin, disabled suffering cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Meanwhile, the boy out of the habit is all first class. Prejudice against the sick child has overcome the whole year.

To monitor the condition of the boy in the classroom is always accompanied by his mother or grandmother. According to the director of the school, problems with classmates, Misha was not, rather it is the parents do not want the class studied disabled. Children took the boy and treated him well. The boycotters themselves refused to be interviewed, their position is set out in the statement left in the school, parents believe that one type of attack can affect all children.

The action against the disabled would not be possible without the support of some teachers. Saying he was spoiling his results class. However, the mother of Misha does not agree to home schooling, she was sure her son would not only gain knowledge, but also learn how to communicate with others, especially with peers. By the way, in the same school is and the older sister of Misha, Misha are contenders for the gold and silver medals, both to help his brother.

Those who first is abroad, for example in Europe are always surprised how many disabled people everywhere in the streets in the shops in museums, and here we have people with disabilities for years do not go out of their apartments. That Misha Rybkin, may have to stay at home — villagers threatened that they would even write to the President, but would not see the disabled.

Мальчика-инвалида выгнали из школы из-за болезни

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