A herd of elephants trampled a village in India


ASTANA, January 13 — IA Novosti-Kazakhstan. A herd of wild elephants, the second time in two weeks, attacked a small village in central India and crushed at least 12 homes, residents were forced to flee, reports IANS Thursday quoting a representative of the local authorities.

According to a Department of Forestry Ramchandra Barai, on Wednesday night in the village lady in Chhattisgarh attack enraged wild elephants. At least a dozen mud houses were destroyed in a matter of minutes, 50 residents had to flee their homes to avoid being trampled.

According to authorities, the elephants are still "occupy" the village. Authorities urge local people not to try to drive away the animals by traditional methods, scaring them with fire, so as not to anger the Giants even more.

Indian media have noted that such attacks elephants villages located close to where they live, are becoming more frequent. This case — the second in Chhattisgarh in the last two weeks. Elephants also attack that destroyed a small village, was recorded in November. Reports of encounters with elephants peasants come constantly.

Conflicts of people and these animals occur because large animals often go on peasant fields and gardens, trample and eat crops. In addition, deforestation in India reduces habitat Proboscidea, which also provokes a collision. In this case, the elephants here are protected by law, and the hunting of these animals is strictly prohibited.

Chhattisgarh guide considers the problem of the relationship of the wild elephants and farmers one of the most acute. Especially for the northern part of the state, here in the forest live many Proboscidea. The state authorities have announced that they intend to develop a system of special protection in the most problematic areas, to prevent penetration into the villages of elephants from the jungle.

IA News-Kazakhstan

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