A huge asteroid will sweep near Earth on Tuesday

In next Tuesday near the Earth fly giant asteroid 2005 YU at number 55. The asteroid will approach the planet at a negligible distance in astronomical terms — 320,000 miles. This is less than the distance from Earth to the Moon (363 sq km). It is reported that the asteroid 2005 YU 55 will approach the minimum distance to Earth on Tuesday at 23:28 GMT. In Moscow will be 2:28 environment.According to Reuters, the asteroid flyby will be seen in various areas of the Northern Hemisphere. Best of all — on the east coast of the U.S.. Thousands of amateur astronomers are preparing for this unique event. But see 2005 YU 55 naked eye, most likely, will not work. According to scientists, the celestial body is quite dim.According to astronomers, the diameter of the asteroid is 400 meters. Celestial bodies such magnitude does not fly near the Earth for 35 years."For the first time since 1976, the object of this size will fly this close to Earth. This is a unique and fantastic opportunity to study the asteroid, flying so close to us, "- said the program director of National Science Foundation astronomer Scott Fisher.According to a NASA Don Yeomans, astronomers have long studied the orbit of 2005 YU 55. According to him, the asteroid with the Earth or the Moon is possible, although the heavenly body will fly very close to our planet.According to Yeomans, the scientists calculated the orbit of 2005 YU 55 for the next 100 years. According to him, the calculations have shown that during this period the asteroid returns in its orbit to Earth and will not face it.Previous studies have shown that the asteroid 2005 YU 55 is composed of carbon and silicon. More accurate data on its composition will be obtained with the help of special radar, when the asteroid will approach the minimum distance to the Earth.


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