A huge failure on the Canadian Highway

Section of Highway 148 near Luskville, Ont., Now a canyon 18 meters deep, a victim of Friday's rain. It is noteworthy that a family living next to the giant gap owns a construction company with experience in the exact type of work that will be needed to fix the road. Not only James Nugent, AD Nugent Building, has 35 years of experience in the field, he has a severe car park just a few hundred meters from the lost-on the road. "We were called to the bat," he said. "There's nothing signed, but we will probably get to work in an emergency. They want a company that can get started right away." Nugent said that the large pipes that run under that section of the road seems to have been blocked at the reception. Streams of water late last week said that the situation causing the pipe to buckle and the ground above the pipe became waterlogged and gave way. Since the original cave, canyon grew wider, with landslides from the edge happening several times. He said that it is likely to happen again and people should stay away from the edge of 10 meters on either side. "He could not let go any time," he said. At the same time, even with the company next door, with experience in replacing these pipes is likely to take six weeks to do the job, says Nugent. Which would have serious consequences for passengers, of course, as the main artery connecting Ottawa and Gatineau to the Pontiac will be out of commission for much of the summer. One good news is two kilometers detour is now open in the area. Eddie McCann, mayor of Pontiac, said he took a lot of very fast work of the municipal and provincial teams to repair Parker Road, which was also damaged by all the water. —Ottawa Citizen

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