A mysterious war. Russian eyes of an American

The Unknown War.  Russian American eyesA few years back in the U.S. was placed a newspaper devoted to the fascinating material fortieth anniversary of one malehankih, but the dirty war waged by the United States, Algeria, Ethiopia and Somalia. In this war, there is no right, some perpetrators.

Malehankih caveat described the action takes place in the now sadly famous Gulf of Aden. "Tankist", aka "the bearded captain" — Mayor Nikolai Eremenko Ignatievich, commander of a separate battalion of 104 TB of the dowry of the UN mission.

CONFESSION Marine lieutenant

My name is Michael Fogetti, I am the captain of the Marine Corps (1) Retired U.S.. Not so long ago, I saw in the magazine, a photo of the Russian monument of Treptow Park in Berlin and I remembered an episode of his own life. My platoon after the special operation was ordered to evacuate to expect at this point, but at this point we get there and could not.

In the Golden Horn as usual it was hot in every sense of the word. Local residents apparently was not enough of a revolution. They did have them at least three, a couple of wars, and civilians in the bargain a religious conflict. We have now completed their task and took the time to rendezvous with a boat, on which were to come to their rescue.

But we are waiting for a surprise. On the outskirts of a small seaside town we met hurriedly tolkuschiesya small groups of armed men. They looked askance at us, but did not touch, because a convoy of five jeeps, bristling with barrels of M-16 (2) and M-60 (3), evoked respect. Along the street from time to time come across passenger cars with traces of fire and looting of the obvious, but specifically those objects and caused major peyzan enthusiasm, with armed looters have obvious value to unarmed.

When we saw the walls of houses several corpses obvious Europeans, I gave the order to be ready, but without orders not to open fire. In this moment of a narrow alley ran a snow-white lady about the girl in his arms, her laughter followed with three local niggas (sorry, African-Africans). We had no time for political correctness. A lady with a child in the SUV pulled simultaneously, and on its pursuers hissed and explicitly threaten with a gun barrel, but the intoxication of impunity, and has played with the spilled blood of scoundrels not a good joke. One of them raised his G-3 (4) and obviously prepared to shoot at us, Marine Koloun gun pressed the trigger gun and then we all raced under growing fire. Perfectly still, that these monsters did not know how to shoot straight. We took off on the hill on which the town was located, and in fact, across the bottom and saw the panorama of the harbor, the most eye-catching piece of which was a burning ship at the pier.

The port has accumulated over thousands of European civilian professionals and their families. Taking into account the fact that in the surrounding area declared independence and at the same time jihad, they are eager to escape as soon as possible. As mentioned above, the ship, which had to evacuate the refugees, funny burned on the roads, on the outskirts of the town focused crowd insurgents, and of the friendly forces was only my platoon with six machine guns and walkie sour (walkie-talkie (5) is not in count).

We had a flotation device, ready to march and perfectly camouflaged boat, but there could only accommodate us. Throw in the lurch ladies and kids we were not allowed. I described the situation and the guys said that I remain here and have no right to tell someone — either of them to stay with me, and that the order for evacuation in the power of our boat and on the go.

But to the credit of my guys were all. I calculated the available forces … 20 nine marinas, including me, seven demobilized French legionnaires and 11 sailors from the sunken ship, two dozen volunteers from the civilian population. Port during the second world war was a transit point and a couple of 10-s stone warehouses, surrounded by a nice wall with towers and other construction excesses of the past century, as if descended from the pages of Kipling and Boussenard looked impressive and fully applicable to the defense.

It is this complex and served us a new fort Alamo. Plus, in these warehouses were located warehouses with UN humanitarian aid there was an old barracks in which to work and plumbing and gutter, of course toilets had little to so many people, not to mention the soul, but it's better than nothing. By the way, half of the 1st of warehouses was filled with boxes of good whiskey. Who apparently — that the officials of the United Nations was doing there own little gesheft. In other words, the whole situation, except the military, was common, and the military situation was the subsequent …

More than 3 thousand insurgents, consisting of the Revolutionary Guards, irregulars and just rabble, who wanted to plunder the army, our happiness only light gun from the Mauser 98 (6) and Shturmgeverov (7) to Kalashnikovs (8) and the wall (9) at times stormed our perimeter. The local French of old times were three guns, of which they managed to sink the ill-fated steamer, but the legionaries were able to grab the battery and undermine the guns and ammunition.

We could now oppose them: 23 M-16 rifles, 6 M-60 machine guns, 30 Kalashnikov rifles and Chinese 5 strshnyh Russian machine guns as the Chinese production, with fifty-caliber ammunition (10). They are foremost and help us to keep the enemy at a proper distance, but ammo for them ended straight-still at an alarming rate.

The French pronounced that in 10 — 12 hours will approach the next steamer, and even accompanied by a guard-ship, but the clock was still necessary to survive. And the besiegers had one big incentive in the form of warehouses with humanitarian aid and hundreds of white women. All kinds of products here is very much appreciated. If they are smart enough to storm the right and from the South and from the West and from the North, the one we just recapture the attack, but the second can already run out of ammunition. The radio is our shlopotal bullet when we are just driving up to the port, and the walkie-talkie thrashed in fact only a few kilometers. I put on an old lighthouse in conjunction with the sniper master — Sergeant Smithy — our radio god. It is there that — that smudril of 2-radios, but with a special sense of this has not happened.

The enemy was sniping and I was very amused. The city was situated above the port, and the roofs of some buildings, the area occupied by us was both her hands, but the layout of the town and has worked in our favor. 5 straight streets down exactly to the wall defended us and just sweep from the towers, gazebos and bay windows … And so began another attack. It was a 2-way around, and was quite massive.

Past troubles a thing or two trained insurgents, and they were kept under heavy fire of our machine-gun emplacements. For 5 minutes was wounded three gunners, another killed. At this moment the enemy struck at the front gate of the complex: they tried to kick the gate truck. That they almost succeeded. One wing was partially knocked out into the courtyard flooded 10s armed figures. Last reserve of Defense — Department of Corporal Westheimer — repelled the attack, but lost three people wounded, including the 1st hard. It became clear that the subsequent attack could be our last, we had two more gates, and the languid trucks in the town lacked. We were lucky that it's time to prayer, and we are taking advantage of the respite and mobilizing the largest number of civilians, began to barricade the gate all the means at hand.

At one point on my radio received a call from Smith:

— "Sir. I have some — that weird kind of challenge and from Russian. Require older. Allow the switch to you? "

— "And why did you decide that it is Russian?"

— "They uttered that causes us sunny Siberia, and Siberia, as it would be in Russia …"

— "Go ahead," — I said and heard in the earpiece spoken English with a slight but obvious Russian accent …

— "Can I find out what makes the United States Marine Corps in the areas entrusted to me?" — Followed by a question.

— "There Marine First Lieutenant * Michael Fogetti. With whom do I have the honor? "- In turn asked me.

-"You have the honor to speak, lieutenant, with those who have, the only one in this part of Africa, there are tanks that can structurally change the situation. And call me Tankist ".

I had nothing to lose. I described the whole situation, avoiding, of course, the question of our military "might." The Russian response was interested in, not whether, say, my minor report, asking for help. Taking into account that the shooting around the perimeter of the rose with the latest in strength, and it was obviously a massive attack the besiegers, I remembered the old Winston, who said as — "what if Hitler invaded Hell, he, Churchill, would conclude alliance against him with Satan himself … ", and answered in the affirmative Russian. At that followed the subsequent tirade:

— "Mark the position of the enemy missiles and reddish expect. When your visibility in the area of the tanks, and it will be us. But be warned: if you follow at least one shot in my tanks, all the things that you want to make local peyzane will seem to you nirvana compared with what I'll do with you. "

When I asked for clarification as to when exactly they fit into the zone of the line of sight, the Russian officer asked not from Texas I, and received a negative response, expressed his confidence that I know that Africa is more than Texas and niskolechko not offended by it.

I gave orders to note the cluster rockets reddish enemy fighters, keep your head down and do not shoot at tanks in the case than they appear. And did not come here. Belabored at least a dozen barrels caliber not less than 100 mm. Part of the insurgents rushed to escape the bombings in our direction, and we met them, not saving the last shops and tape. And in the gaps between the buildings, all the streets at once there were silhouettes of tanks T-54 (11), plastered landing.

Combat vehicles raced as fiery chariot. Fire led and turrets, and paratroopers. It is not so long ago that seemed harsh, besieging army vanished like smoke. The paratroopers jumped from the reservation, and were spread around the tanks were cleaned around the house. Across the front of their coming, not long heard gunfire and grenade explosions in blind areas. From the roof of the 1st of the houses at one point knocked all three of the tank immediately dovernul tower in the direction of last resort, idiot hero of jihad and the structure volley immediately converted to triplex explosion, deprived the city of the 1st building of the frills.

I caught a myself thinking he did not want to be a target for Russian tank attack, and even be with me the whole battalion with support units for these fast armored monsters with reddish stars, we could not be a severe obstacle. And it was not the firepower of Russian military vehicles … I beheld the face with binoculars Russian tank sitting on the towers of their own tanks: these people had absolute confidence in the victory over though how the enemy. And it's even stronger than the caliber.

Russian commander, my age, it is the highest for the tanker, tanned and bearded captain, introduced unintelligible to my poor hearing Russian name, shook my hand and pointed to the invitingly own tank. We are comfortably settled in the tower, when a Russian officer abruptly pushed me aside. He jumped up, tearing off the shoulder machine that — that struck a rustling whistle, to the same again. Russian jerked on his forehead crawled trickle of blood, but he raised his gun and gave it to two small-line caught up clearly-stingy queue turret machine gun, with an adjacent tank.

Later apologizes to me smiled and pointed to the balcony Customs, overlooking the square in front of the wall of the port. There could guess the human body in a dirty burnoose and gleaming barrel of an automatic rifle. I realized that I had just rescued life. The black-haired woman (Cuban, as part of the tank crews and paratroopers) in camouflage overalls meanwhile my savior bandaged head, saying in Spanish, which is eternal lord captain climbs the bullets, and I got a sudden burst of the soul from the inside pocket of a duplicate copy of your own Purple Heart (12), with which he never parted, as a talisman of fortune, and handed it to Russian soldiers. He's in some kind of confusion took a sudden gift, later called out something in Russian to the open hatch of its own tank. After a moment there was put out a hand holding a giant plastic holster with a huge gun. Russian officer smiled and handed it to me.

A Russian tanks are deployed along the wall, pointing guns at the town. Three cars through the newly opened gate and razbarrikadirovannye entered the port area on the frontal armor and I stayed. Warehouses of refugees dump it, ladies wept and laughed, kids were jumping and screaming, men in uniform and without shouting and whistling. Russian captain leaned over and over the noise, he said: "That's it, Marine. Who never went on a tank in the liberated city, he did not feel real prazdnichka soul, this is for you not to disembark from the sea ". And clapped me on the shoulder.

Tankers and paratroopers obymali, reaching out to them, and we launched some bottles and a Russian captain came devchenka 6 years old and a shy smile, handed him a piece of chocolate from humanitarian aid. Russian tanker caught her and gently lifted her, she embraced his hand to his neck, and at one point I visited a sense of deja vu.

I remember a couple of years back in a tourist trip on the West and East Berlin, we have demonstrated the Russian monument in Treptow Park. Our tour guide, an old germanka with angry face, showed a giant figure of the Russian soldier with a rescued child in her arms, and tsedila contemptuous phrase in the UK It is not good. It said that, they say, it's all a big communist heresy, and that is not counting the evil and violence in the Russian land of Germany brought nothing.

As if a veil had been lifted from my eyes. Before me stood a Russian officer with the rescued child in her arms. And it was true, and means that germanka in Berlin had lied, and that the Russian fighter from the pedestal to the fact, too, rescued the baby. So maybe our propaganda and lies, that the Russian asleep, and behold the like would kill America. No, for the usual first lieutenant of marines are the highest of matter are very complex. I waved at it with his hand and clinked glasses with Russian bottle of whiskey, it is unclear as it turned out in my hand.

On the same day got in touch with the French steamer going here under the auspices of the UN, and came — still two in the morning. Before dawn was loading, steamer set sail from the inhospitable shore, when the sun was already quite high. And while Preserving the inhospitable disappeared in the mist, small devchenka waved a handkerchief left on the shore Russian tankers. A Master Sergeant Smithy last we note-philosopher, said thoughtfully:

— "Never would I not want to see Russian in earnest began to wage war on us. Let it unpatriotic, but I feel that the fifth point, they certainly will kick us. " And, on reflection, he added: "Well, they drink as cool as we never dreamed of … suck out a bottle of whiskey from the bottle and in no eye … And no one would believe us, utter such that even Davy Crockett (13) did not invent. "

1 — The U.S. Marine Corps (United States Marine Corps (USMC), US Marines) is a component of the U.S. Armed Forces, is responsible for the military defense of the sea. Together with the U.S. Navy, he is subject to the Naval Department of the United States. The number of the Marine Corps is estimated at 200,000 people. 2 — M16 — The basic machine of NATO states used in the armed forces of many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. 3 — M60 — A single machine gun, developed in the United States and adopted by the Army and the U.S. Marine Corps in 1957. 4 — G3 (Gewehr 3 — Rifle 3) — German automatic rifle developed by Heckler & Koch GmbH on the basis of the Spanish CETME rifle and accepted into service in the German army in 1959. In 1995, she came to replace the automatic caliber 5.56 NATO G36. 5 — Walkie-talkie (Walkie Talkie) — commonplace simplex radio. 6 — Mauser 98 (Mauser 98) infantry rifle Gewehr 98 and K98 series rifles have been the main instrument of the German soldier in the first and second global war. 7 — Stg-44 (Sturmgewehr-44, "Shturmgever") — German assault rifle, the standard 1943/44, G. (design by Hugo Schmeisser) 8 — Kalashnikov rifle 1947 standard AK-47 (GAU index — 56-A-212) 9 — STEN (STEN) — British submachine gun since the second world war, made in 194 as a cheaper South American candidates Thompson submachine gun. 10 — In this case, meant the caliber .50, so designated by ordering NATO caliber of our ANC 12.7 mm. 11 — T-54 Medium Tank T-54 Adopted Russian Army in 1946, mass production from 1947. Exported and is in service in almost all countries, was used in the majority of post-war local conflicts. Coupled with its own improved version of the T-55 was the most massive in the history of the tank (built up to 100 000 vehicles). Armament 100-mm rifled gun D-10T, coupled with SG-43 machine gun, two 7.62-mm machine gun coursework SG-43, located in the armor boxes on fender, and a 12.7-mm anti-aircraft machine gun DShK 12 — Purple Heart (Purple Heart) — U.S. military medal. Medal "Purple Heart" may be awarded any U.S. military officers who died or were injured as a result of the acts of the enemy. Since 1984, the medal is awarded as military personnel killed or injured as a result of terrorist attacks that occurred not during the fighting. So Makar, a rewarding aspect not covered injured or killed as a result of non-combat incidents samoraneny and "friendly fire." It must be emphasized, but that, for various reasons, not all the men who received battle wounds, were awarded the medal. 13 — The Colonel David Stern Crockett, more recognizable as Davy Crockett — the famous South American adventurer, a hero of the people, traveler, U.S. Army officer and politician, nicknamed "The Lord of the frontier." Died defending the Alamo fortress during the war for Texas independence.

PS Archive MO, f.1236, Op. 3712, d.395. liter. 35-190. And on EREMENKO events described. The documents, some photos, Orders and explanatory.

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